Special Focus on Paikgachha Upazila of Khulna District

One of the most important external cost is salinity. If we go to ten to fifteen years ago in this region, we see that the domestic production of rice, vegetables and other crop was sufficient to meet local demand of this area. There was no scarcity of pure drinking water. Different kinds of monsoon fruits produced at a huge amount. The natural salinity of soil in this area was sufficient to cultivate shrimp. But due to some selfish and profit generating people who catch up brackish-water from tide-water of river to get more shrimp, natural salinity of soil has increased over the last decades.

Though their volume of production increased, even the margin of profit, in fact they are paying more for their livelihood for environmental degradation. This is the ultimate goal of xi this study paper so that we can know how actually they are paying to cultivate shrimp by adding environmental cost. 1. 2. Objective The study aims to attain following objective to assess the value of lost production of rice caused by retaining brackish water for shrimp cultivation in the study area. 1. 3. Rationale Salinity is an integral part of both soil and water.

Like other component of soil and water, a specific ratio of salinity is required to keep balance in environment. But retaining saline water from river must impact on both soil and water with other body of environment which is very simple case in southern part of Bangladesh. The main aim of the study is to asses whether cultivators of shrimp by retaining saline water is benefited in long run or not. 1. 4. Research Questions Under the above mentioned objective the study will possess some research questions which are depicted below To know the history of salinity of study area.

How much land is affected by salinity? How much the production of rice as well as other crop decreases over the last decade? To know the ecological change of study area. Which class of people is economically more vulnerable? Quantitative measure of output lost due to salinity. To know the thinking of local people regarding problem and solution of salinity. xii 1. 5. Limitations of the Study The main bindings to complete a good research work are time and finance. Here this study is not out of this limitation. Time allocated for accomplishing this study is not well enough.