Statement of Intent

My interest in the Fashion Marketing program at Parsons, was innited in college during the time we were starting to study the different fields of marketing. Since I was little I’ve always had a very big interest in the fashion world, observing the different trends and how every country has different styles is fascinating for me. My biggest role model fashion wise is Oscar de la Renta, I identify myself with him because we come from from the same country where the fashion industry can still be considered in diapers.

He has known how to overcome the many obstacles that have been presented to him throughout his career, obstacles like the lack of support at the beggining, or the credibility he had to win through his career. Marketing has become the biggest interest in my life, through out my career I have seen the difference that exists between some markets and others, this field is evolving and fashion is a inmense part of it. With the fashion marketing program I will learn the relation betweeen design, merchandising and marketing and how in the connection of these depends whether you succeed entering a market.

After acquiring these knowledge my interest is merelly creating my own store, which has been my dream for a long time now. I consider I have an great eye for spotting new trends, and in my country people are very imposed to fashion because there are not a lot of options of where to shop, and with my store I could give them a new option. I believe Parsons is the best place to study, because of it’s amazing credentials aswell of the great curriculum it offers in Fashion Marketing and other areas.

The profesors have been said to be the best in the world in there differente specialities, and I want to receive the best education and this way make me an Amazing Profesional. Aswell as it’s locations is a great factor, Parsons is located in what many would call the heart of fashion, is in those NYC streets that many trends come to life, and many new desginers become recognized. It’s fascinating mixture of cultures makes of it, the best place to learn how the fashion marketing world really works.