story fairy tale; a concept about gain and giving up.

The first reason that I like this story is it is different from many other stories that always provide happy ending. Children are impossible to be innocent; we need to know we will face some difficulties in our daily life. If life looks so perfect, that is not life. And we usually can learn more by sad stories, because sadness or tragedy can uplift people’s greatness. After I read this story, I started to discover people live around me, and there are surely someone cries in the invisible corner.

It seems that many adults think a child should not see too much sadness in their childhood, they think child’s life should be filled by happiness, however, no matter in which ages, people do have some upset feelings sometimes, so I think there is not a big problem to give kids read sad tales. To realize more, we can have a good start to grow up, because we have already prepared our mental statement. The second reason that I like this story is this fairy tale concludes a concept about gain and giving up.

We are making choice in every moment when we are live in earth, we choose to give up something and to gain something, and the purpose is we try to make our gain more than our lost. In this story, the little mermaid uses her sweet voice to change a magic medicine that can give her human’s legs back from the evil witch. Although she thinks she can catch the prince’s heart, she is wrong and only has a chance to live a short happy time with prince for memory. In our student’s life, we also sacrifice our free time to do some we need to complete first.

There is a proverb said that “One cannot make an omelet without breaking eggs. ” There is no possibility that will be a present coming to you for no reason from God; we have to make decisions by ourselves, learn to make better decisions, and give ourselves present by our own. Many fairy tales are talking about the prince saves the princess, but “The Little Mermaid” is not. The little mermaid saves the prince from getting drown, and she choose to lose her life without killing the prince.

We can find out that women are also strong as men, not to her powerful strength, but to her firm mind. When people face difficulties, they usually feel scared, and want to escape for sacrificing. But many examples that show women’s determination, such as some women choose to give up her life to born her baby. So we can realize that women will behave strong, when they have to protect their beloved as men. This kind of concept can give us courage and confidence to do things that we think we cannot do at first, although it is just a story, it encourages kids much.

Some adults are worried that give children to read sad fairy tales will make kids feel unhappy, but I think this problem is not so serious. By reading those sad stories, we can have more impressive feeling, and start to think what reasons cause these sad endings. I like “The Little Mermaid”, it let me learn lessons, such as realizing the life is not perfect, making better choices and believing myself to accomplish my own goals. Maybe we cannot fulfill every wish in our short life, but we have tried to live a better life, like a pretty bubble exists. To this aspect, we will not have regrets.