Strategies Inventory Assessment

The overall experience completing the LASSI student report was interesting one due to the difficulty associated with being completely honest with yourself. This is definitely something that I have found to be a re-occurrence throughout this course, however due to the nature of the questions in this particular section, it proved to be the daunting questionnaire this course has required yet.

After finishing the student report, I was able to conclude that the nature of the questions and the honesty involved paid off because I found this resource to be the most reflective and also the most helpful in targeting the weaknesses in my academic skills. My lowest two scores were in anxiety and time management, and I feel very confident that these two are closely related. I do not have issues in learning the actual content of courses, rather my problems occur in not effectively allotting time to learn it which in turn causes the stress and the two together result in poor exam performance.

In order to avoid these issues which result in extreme stress come exam time I need to set aside time to effectively plan and schedule time and techniques for completing assignments and studying, then follow through with the derived plan. In my opinion, the LASSI assessment is not too different from the barriers assessment we completed during the first week of this course. Both assessments take a slightly different approach from each other, however the objectives of both are very much identical.

The two assessments are designed to help an individual identify issues that are potentially detrimental to their success in class. My results for LASSI had not surprised me at all as it nearly mirrored the results of my barriers assessment. Since both results agreed with each other I could also conclude that I made little to no errors in the assessments. According to LASSI, my largest problems are that I lack motivation, concentration and I have a poor ability to select main ideas from concepts.

I’m only fairly concerned with my focus and concentration during study. My computer is very likely the most contributing factor to this problem. I’m a Computer Science major so it’s very essential that I work with a computer. My notes and assignments are often stored and finished in it as well. I have attempted some viable solutions like using a task scheduler application for my computer.

I can give it instructions forcefully close-off anything that may become a distraction for me on the computer based on a schedule you assign it. You can even ask it to temporarily disable off your internet. This solution doesn’t work very well for me because I lack self-control as well. I often opt-out of this because I can never bring myself to disable any of my entertainment. I just shrug it off and lie to myself that I can deal with the distractions while studying well. This itself I believe is my biggest concern.