Study of Entertainment Places in Thimphu

Correspondence with proprietors of Snooker in Thump This report was gathered by meaner of questionnaires. The total of 13 proprietors of snooker was interviewed in the main town. They shared views on the cause of problems in the entertainment places in general and specifically about how they conduct their places of entertainment to avoid possible inconveniences with and among the customers. In order to obtain the overview on the cause of problems and solutions to the same, they were also asked to rate their perceptions on the likeliness o cause problems and effectiveness of solutions.

General Responses: In general, they responded that they did not witness any problem in their places of entertainment owing to the following reasons: 1. They don’t let youth under substance and alcohol influence to come over and play. 2. Most visitors come in group and play amongst the group and chances of getting into problem are minimal after all. 3. They follow the closure timings strictly. So they don’t find any problem in their entertainment place. 4. With clear directives from the authority on banning he sale of alcohol, the possibility to cause problem is reduced.

Proprietor’s Perception on the Cause of Problems Figure 1 below shows the owner’s perception to the cause of problems. The numbers range in accordance of the seriousness in problems. It was rated on 6 point liker scale with 6 being most likely to cause problems and 1 being least likely to cause problems. Figure 1: Proprietor’s perception on the likely cause to problems in the entertainment places Maximum respondents rated the sale of alcohol freely as most likely cause to the robbers in the entertainment places and the drug use and lenient sentencing as next likely cause to the problems.

Nearly half the respondents felt that Poor prenatal supervision and poor conduct of the staffs are least likely cause to the problem. They also commented that as most entertainment places are run purely for the commercial purpose, they have a professional set of staffs to conduct the entertainment places. Proprietor’s perception on effectiveness of crime reducing measures Figure 2 represents the proprietor’s perception on the effectiveness to educing crimes from the entertainment places.

It is measured on 5 point liker with 5 being most effective measure to reducing crime and 1 being least effective. Figure 2: Owner’s perception on crime reducing measures 9 of the 13 respondents said that increasing police patrols in the vicinity of the entertainment places would be most effective measure in reducing crimes that evolve from the entertainment places. Banning the sale of alcohol beverages in the entertainment places was rated as the next effective measure in reduction of crimes.

The number of respondents who have chosen the most effective measure as banning increasing police patrols. The respondents submitted their views that if tight security and the guidelines to stop the sale of alcoholic beverages are in place, other variables as early closure and reduction of operational days are taken care simultaneously. Specific Action Recommendations and Suggestions from the proprietors of entertainment places 1. Some snookers are operated without a valid operating license and enjoys equal opportunity to compete in the market.

Authority must look into the matter seriously and take necessary actions. 2. Tuesday which is supposed to be non-operational day, recently with banning the sale of alcohol in the places of entertainment like snookers, it would be better if authority could kindly consider Tuesdays to be operational days. 3. There is a need for security personnel around the immediate vicinity of the entertainment places. 113 dial sometimes become a problem when people who get into problem run away from the scene immediately before police team arrive the scene.