styles and personality

What is prom? Prom is short for promenade which is a French word. It is a formal black tie dance or event gathering high school students, preferably juniors and seniors. This gives them a chance to interact and socialize with other students, to dance with the person they dreamed of dancing with, to practice proper etiquette and of course to look like ladies and gentlemen. The event is usually held in a big space such as a hall, a ballroom, a banquet hall or any conventional areas. It is beautifully decorated with colored cloths, center pieces, back-drops, wall ornaments and so on, depending on the theme of the event.

Not only is the place given the chance to look fantastic but also the students attending the prom. This event gives girls the chance to wear their dazzling gowns and cocktail dresses, and look absolutely stunning. Boys on the other hand, are given the chance to dress classy in there suits and look like real gentlemen. It can be one of the most memorable nights of a teenager’s life, and to get ready for it, there is a lot of organization, preparation and excitement. One of the preparations for prom is a need for an orientation, because without it there wouldn’t be order but would turn out to be a total disaster.

Therefore, an orientation on the proper attire, etiquette and flow of the program is necessary. For girls, the first thing that pops out of their minds is “what to wear? ”. Finding a gown or a cocktail dress that is both appropriate for the event and represents your own style or personality is very hard and challenging. It takes time to choose the perfect dress or gown. Therefore, as soon as the announcements about prom are released a lot of girls start to find that one dress or gown that truly represents them and prepare for the event.

On the other hand, the first thing that comes in mind, especially for the boys when it comes to prom is “who to ask for prom? ”. Different schools have different organizations. Some schools might allow boys to choose their own prom date while others may assign you a designated partner either by height or family name. The reason for this is to avoid any solo-goers, humiliation, the feeling of being unwanted, insecurity and jealousy. Aside from the outfits and the dates, the flow of the program should also be well organized and strictly followed to give enough time for each part of the program.

The invitations, the souvenirs, the food, the area, the music, they all have to be prepared. As described above, prom isn’t just any simple event. It is a very special once-in-a-life-time event, therefore proper organization and preparation is necessary. But let’s not forget about the word “enjoy”; the students must try their best to enjoy themselves and make it one of the most memorable nights of their lives, because without enjoyment prom would just be like any other event and would mean less. So students should have their times of their lives.