Summary on Effects of Teen Pregnancy

They took six hundred seventh graders from three different high schools and found that growing belief is that planned interventions should take place at a much earlier stage.The treatments that were used are usually indirectly measured by a pre and posttest designed with both experimental groups and control groups. They used more dependable and flexible latent approach. Through this approach the studies provides an error free result.

The measurement testing is important because the invariance is important to determine the scores on the attitudes toward sex have the same meanings for each group. The concept was very clear and the words were very understandable. The author did not seem to be bias or prejudice. The facts they found were simply by the research and the results of the experiment.

The author decided to go with the latent modeling approach which seems very reasonable considering they are trying to telling people what they should not do. The author also decided to go with the experiment research method. I believe this is appropriate so that the author could get his own results. It was a little hard for me to understand how exactly they did their testing and how they decided to score the results. I do support the conclusions made by the author, that if you aware people at a younger and more vulnerable age they are more like to avoid or make more knowable decisions about sex.