Summary on Your Trusted Friends by Eric Schlosser

: Summary to miour Trusted Friends” by Eric Schlosser. Eric Schlosser, an investigative Journalist best known for his book “Fast Food Nation” from where the piece miour trusted friends” is taken describes few types of marketing strategies implemented by Walt Disney and Mc Donald’s corporations. Throughout the text Schlosser is drawing parallels between Walt Disney’s and Ray A. Kroc’s business practices. What they both had in common, as being friends and children of the same generation, they used in their business approach.

One of the strategies adopted from his riend Walt Disney was “synergy’, which is the way of selling things by making licensing agreements with other companies for using their brand name. …….. Another strategy was called “cradle-to-grave”(p. 190), where marketing campaigns targeted people of different age groups in their advertising. According to Schlosser, Krok believed that “childhood memories of a brand will lead toa lifetime of purchases”. He truly believed that the way the food is sold is as important as it tastes. One of the most important comparisons the author of the book is stating between Walt Disney and

Ray Kroc is that they both mastered their art of selling things to young children. The idea of borrowed from Walt Disney, resulted in creating the characters further utilized in advertising the Mac Donald’s foods to children. Mac Donald used a thoughtful way to get kids to eat there by collaborating with other companies via selling their toys with happy meals and by making a mascot that would catch a child’s eye. Fast-food companies went even further, creating the play lands, where smiling and funny Ronald Mac Donald was probably more appealing to the ids than the food itself at times.

And it served its purpose of attracting huge numbers of children to Mac Donald’s restaurants. Schlosser asserts that the idea of using characters in advertising of fast food companies is used to manipulate the children and make them like eating at their restaurants. A great deal of physiological research from marketing companies hired by businesses lies beneath every campaign. According to the author “they analyze children’s artwork, hire children to run focus group, stage slumber parties and then question children into the night” (p. 190).

Internet became another important way of collecting valuable information about children. And if not the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act effective 2000, internet would be still used to collect the data for further marketing approaches. advertising. Despite all efforts to protect children and ban the kid’s commercials, the congress made a decision to continue them. Creating videos featuring Mac Donald characters and selling them to kids, sponsoring sports and advertising their products 2417 on family channels – all these steps strengthen the connections between fast-food industry and Hollywood.