sunk costs

If I were Tang, I would have handled the situation a little differently. I think Tang should have showed a stronger position. As a manager, his primary objective is to accomplish his department’s goals, and if reassigning work and projects to the employees Is the best way to go, he should suck with that decision. However, he should also have Informed Ll about terminating his project personally. What I would have done Is call a meeting with Ll to explain to him that his current project was Interfering with more Important goals of the department and that it needed to be erminated regardless of the time Li had already spent on it.

The time spent on the project is a form of “sunk costs”, and they are irrelevant. Thus one should never continue a project based only on the time spent on it; rather, one should terminate that project as soon as they realize it is not the best way to go. I would have made sure that Li understood that. Probably then, I would have had less resistance and more support from him I do not think that the Incident with Li was Indicative of broader internal communication difficulties. I think that the situation with Ll was a special case; Ll was o committed to his project that it was hard for him to leave It.

He thought that he had already worked 2 months on It and therefore he should finish It; but again, this Is an example of sunk costs, which are irrelevant. In addition, what I think also bothered Li was the fact that Tang did not bother to talk to him in person about shutting down the project. On the other hand, Tang was insecure about how to approach Li’s reaction because Tang did not want to be seen as an expatriate, that’s why he considered modifying Li’s project instead of terminating it.

The problem was the lack f internal communication between Tang and Li but I dont think it implies broader internal communication difficulties among other employees and managers of the firm. Regarding Tang’s attitude towards wanting to become Just one of the bunch of Intel employees, I think no matter how much Tang wants to associate himself with his employees, If they see him as an expatriate, then cross-cultural conflicts are likely to be an issue. Even if he wanted to ignore his rank or his experience, the newly being technically a local, his experience and the years away would show him as an expatriate in the eyes of the employees.