SWOT analysis for Bobble bottle

Bobble Environmental Analysis for Germany has shown Bobble to potentially have major opportunities on entering the market. The country is one of the leading nations in the area of environmental technology within the European union and In environmental regimens. Furthermore, Lessons from Germany articles In “The Times” says: “Laws push waste reduction and recycling; producers must pay to deal with packaging they create. ” (The Times, 2008) 1 . Appeal to sportsmen by heavy advertising during marathons 2. Appeal to children in very green families 3.

Water Is very hard In some parts of Germany and therefore emphasizing Bobble’s solution is those areas can help find consumers 4. Unsaturated market of bottled water with filters Strenghth: 1 . Environmental benefits that appeal to both consumer and government. 2. Relatively well known brand in the EIJ 3. Affordable 4. Design will appeal to younger generation and many sportsmen in Germany. (One of the most popular countries for marathons in the World) 5. Fits into automotive cup holder Weaknesses: 1. The bottle is hard to squeeze 2. Plastic too thin, deformation occurs Opportunities: Threats: 1 . Germany is a fizzy drinks nation .

Tap water standards may mean there is no need in filtering water and people will see no point In purhasing the Bobble. “Drinking water quality Is excellent, as evidenced by the universal compliance with the EU drinking water directive” (Wikipedia – find better source). Moreover “According to a 2007 national survey for the business association