Swot Analysis – Hp

Analysis tool provides a structure for analyzing the internal strengths and weaknesses of an organization, along with any external opportunities and threats it faces. Identifying and analyzing these four elements enables you to better understand the environmental conditions within that organization. A SWOT analysis provides an overall view of the organization, and the factors can be useful in diagnosing the extent and type of barriers to work effectiveness that might exist there.

This analysis is an ideal way to engage your team and get their assessment of a business. The output of this process ties directly to their ability to identify quick wins. The following tables identify common organizational strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. These tables are not all-inclusive; they merely provide a few examples of the factors to consider in your analysis. Note: You can find a SWOT Analysis template at the HP Executive Onboarding website.

Internal analysis Strengths Competitive and cost advantages Proper processes Strong products, ervices, and brand Skilled leadership Competent workforce Access to timely information Use of cutting-edge technology Proven track record High customer satisfaction and loyalty Market leadership Weaknesses Deteriorating competitive advantage Low profitability Lack of managerial depth and talent Lack of key competencies Internal operating problems An unclear strategic direction Morale or turnover problems Limited product and service offerings Slow speed to market or responsiveness Poor brand recognition External analysis

Opportunities Move into new markets Increase the customer base Diversify Increase customer satisfaction Integrate vertically or horizontally Increase market growth Acquire other organizations Capitalize on new technologies Expand product and service offerings Move into new markets Threats Decrease in need or desire for products Slower market growth Adverse government or regulatory policies Increasing competitive pressures Adverse demographic changes Likely entry of new competitors Heightened consumer expectations 2