Swot Analysis of Tata Steel

The company has also been acquiring stake overseas in Canada, Mozambique, Australia etc. to boast its reserves for clean coking coal which is rarely available in India. 2. Management Team Tata Steel has a highly credible management team which has displayed their skills in expanding the company through inorganic route. The company has successfully acquired Nat Steel of Singapore, Millennium Steel of Thailand and more importantly Corus. The company’s virtuosos of finance have been able to find innovative ways to tackle the company’s burgeoning debt and keep the bottom line in the green zone despite lowering demand and huge debts accumulated. . Information Technology The entire mining operation of the Company is safeguarded against accident occurrence. Proactive measures are undertaken to ensure the employee’s health and productivity through ergonomically designed work stations and by protecting them from occupational hazards. All its mines are ISO-14001 -Environmental Management System Certified. Tata Steel’s collieries use ‘Surpac’, a state-of-the-art mine planning software that estimates the volume of coal in every seam. This software is coupled with qualitative detailing that focuses on output consistency.

To maximize productivity and utilization, a voice and data equipped Global Positioning System is used, which helps to supervise mining activity form a chine movement and engine status. 4. Innovativeness of TATA Steel with respect to its competitors Tata Steel has the lowest operating cost for steel manufacture in the world. Further it has displayed effective means in adopting an eco-friendly and sustainable approach towards the manufacture of steel thus proactive measures are undertaken to ensure the employee’s health and productivity through ergonomically designed work stations and by protecting them from occupational hazards. . Adaptability of the company in the fast change of the environment Tata Steel has displayed immense agility in the recent past during the global financial tsunami. Its virtuosos of various fields have adopted various methods like lowering of production and even shutting down of steel plants owing to the lack of demand, managing the balance sheet efficiently etc. The company has 70% of its procurement of raw materials for its operations in Asia through long term contracts and so its margins can be shielded from the nuances of the volatility of the financial markets.

Brand value The TATA brand owing to its highly ethical and a socialistic approach to business have made its name synonymous to trust. After the acquisition of Corus another powerful brand, the brand value of the company has enhanced further. 7. Corporate governance Tata Steel has had an impeccable record for corporate governance. It has set the benchmark in global corporate governance principles of transparency, accountability and equity for others to follow. Tata Steel has been consistently receiving prestigious awards at both the national and the international arena.

Recently it bagged the Best Governed Company Award for corporate practices presented by Asian Centre for Corporate Governance. 8. Excellent integration with Corus Corus has a great reserve of around 2000 metallurgists and technology which could be exploited by Tata Steel on several fronts. 10. Excellent procurement philosophy Tata Steel has around 70% of its supplies through long term contracts. Thus it can be shielded from the volatility of the financial markets. 10. Spawning upon opportunities Tata Steel has been amongst the earliest to spot the escalation in the demand for steel in the forthcoming years.

It has hence invested heavily in the expansion of its existing facility at Jamshedpur and is setting up other green field projects at Orissa, Jharkhand etc. Weaknesses of Tata Steel 1. Huge debt burden Tata Steel is having a total debt of 10. 2 billion USD in its books. It has a debt equity ratio of 1. 6 which means that the assets of the company are largely financed through debt. With the inflation on a rise the central banks of most all the countries are intending to tighten in the liquidity in the money markets. As a result of which the interest rates are on a rise.