the Ancients

Dota means `Defense of the Ancients’ according to Icefrog the head of Blizzard group. This game is a custom scenario for warcraft III based on the`Acon of strife’map for starcraft. The objective of the scenario is to destroy the opponents `Ancients’. The two teams ancient are heavily guarded structure at opposing corner of the map . Players use powerful units know as heroes ,and are assisted by allied heroes and AI controlled fights called `creeps’-Players level-up their hero and use gold to buy equipment during the mission.

The Scenario was developed with the world editor of Keign Chaos and was updated upon the release of its expansions , The Frozen Throne. There hare been many variations of the birigihal concept ; The most popular being Dota Allstars which eventually was simplified to Dota with the release of version 6. 68 . The specific scenario has been maintained by several authors during development , The latest of whom being the anonymous developer known as Icefrog developing the game since 2005 Statement of the Problem: This research aims to identify the positive and negative effects of playing dota.

The following will question will be answered . *What is actually happening if they play dota *Does dota can help for teenager *What are the risk of playing dota Significance: It Self – For me the importance of dota is that you can gain money Teenagers – They can get skills of playing dota or the can get value of leadership by playing dota , They can also gamble & play dota . Parents – Parents are usually get disappointment of their children and Parents can get nothing of playing dota they can get headaches & disappointment of their child .

Community – The importance of dota to the community is they can honor town Ex. In their town they have a lots of well players and they joined the tournament & they win because of tournament the bring honor in their town . Review of Related Literature: The theory of random noobs . It’s quite simple . the noobiness of the random people . They are teamed with inversely proportional to the number of friends , They play with In simple words , if they play also , They will be paired with average noobs .

However , if thy decide to play with friends to avoid noobs they will be recruiting some well played players. Research Flow : INPUT PROCESS OUTPUT Research Procedure: This study employs the survey method . The information and facts will be obtained through the use of self-made questioners which will be conducted personally to the respondents . Research Respondents: The respondents of the study are the 4th yr. high school students here in St . Paul Foundation Inc. (SPCFI). There will be 20 respondents . Research Instruments:

The researchers will make use of a self-made survey questioners to gather data on the effects of playing dota in the academic performance of the 4th yr. high school students in the St . Paul College Foundation Inc. (SPCFI) Mandaue Campus . The questioner are to be answered by the 4th yr. high school students . Each question will be provided with two-three choices to facilitate answering . Research Environment: This study is conducted at St . Paul College Foundation Inc. (SPCFI) Mandaue Campus located at Highway , Maguikay City.