The Basic Elements of Human Understanding

The Path of Splitness Preface The Basic Elements of Human Understanding are: Experience Comparison Evaluation Perspective Putting these elements together creates a larger context of awareness which result in a better understanding. For instance: what can you understand about an orange by looking at it through a microscope? The answer is; very little. But if you plant an orange seed and wonder about it. If you care for the seedling, and study its growth closely and wonder about it. If you watch it grow into a tree and wonder about it. If you live by it, and sit under its shade and wonder about it.

If you listen to the wind soughing through its branches and enjoy its beauty and wonder about it. If you pick its fruit, eat it and wonder about it. If you explore the incredible range of uses we have found for its oil, its rind, and its pulp: in medicine, cooking, woodwork, and nutrition and wonder about it… The wider the context of your experiences, the more comparisons you can make between different experiences, the better you can evaluate them, the better your perspective, the better your understanding is of anything… not just an orange.

Then you have a wide range of experiences which you can evaluate, compare, and put into perspective. Then you have a wider context of experience to put your understanding into. What is the Sense of Wonder? The Sense of Wonder blends all the Basic Elements of Understanding together. Without the Sense of Wonder: we could never gain a better, more cohesive understanding about anything. The Sense of Wonder is an expansion or contraction of awareness. Any expanding or contracting awareness creates a Sense of Wonder.

When you wonder about your inner self, your inner awareness contracts or expands. When you wonder about things that are outside you, your outer awareness expands or contracts. It is your mind breathing… taking everything in, absorbing it, digesting it, understanding it, and then radiating everything it understands out, or in. The Path of Splitness The Sense of Pure Wonder is a continual sense of awareness which is curious about everything, and never stops being curious.

It uses all of the cognitive skills of your mind; continually asking questions, continually figuring things out, continually wondering about things, continually looking at things in new ways, continually experiencing new things, continually comparing things to each other, continually gaining a better perspective on the larger context, continually understanding things better. It is a state of mind that is in a constant, continual unending state of Learning

The first major split of Impetus splitting Formlessness into Everythingness and Nothingness is not included in the 3 major splits which caused the 3 dimensions to be formed. If you include it, then the number of Major Splits is actually 4, which is a balanced number, not 3. On this basis, the 3 major splits which created the 3 dimensions are actually the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Major Splits. The trouble is, the first major split was not completely linear, and it did not create a linear dimension, which is why I do not include it. The Path of Splitness which Impetus followed created the 3 linear Dimensions of our Universe in a natural Causal sequence. Before the 1st Linear Dimension

Impetus created the 1st Dimension of Length by splitting Infinite Everythingness in one direction. By going through her in a straight line, and then around her; doing it over and over an infinite number of times. Every time Impetus went through Formlessness he created linear lines of separation inside her. It was not only the action of his penetration which created these separations; it was the result of Impetus exiting out of Formlessness which created these separations inside her. It was the result of his absence after exiting out of her which created the Separations inside her. After he came out of her she connected herself back together again.

Then Impetus went around her and did it all over again until she became a Medium made up of Linear Connections and Separations. Linear Impetus, and Orbital Impetus are actually the same basic Force. Impetus went around the Infinite Totality of Formlessness, and plowed back into it in the same direction all over again. It did this over and over an infinite number of times. As it was doing this, Impetus was giving Formlessness a shape, it was shaping Formlessness into a Form; it was turning Formlessness into a single shape called a Totality. Impetus repeated this splitting over and over an infinite number of times; separating the Formlessness of Infinite Totality linearly, and then coming around to slit her apart again.

After it split her Totality into a Duality of Everythingness and Nothingness, Formlessness tried to rejoin itself back into an unsplit whole. Formlessness tr