The Character Sketch; Man Who Loved Flowers

Character sketch This is the story of a man possessed by love. He has dark hair and blue eyes, and is wearing a light grey suit. He lives in a deep repressive reverie because he is unable to live in the real world. A world without his “Norma” is one he cannot bare. In the beginning of the story he appears to us as a completely normal man. A happy and moody setting is imprinted with violet skies and lovely flowers, and we are led to believe he is in love.

The man lives in his own little world, where he represses all bad memories. He can no longer control his own actions. His conscious is not even aware of the fact, that he kills random women, simply because love hurts. Love is not only good and joyful, it can also be hurtful and bring out bad things in people. On the surface everything seems fine. Love is all the flowers, the ice cream and the soft spring air. But underneath all of that hides the ugly part. Loved destroyed this man’s conscience and ability to see reality. His name was love, and he walked these dark streets because Norma was waiting for him, and one day he will find her. ” This sentence explains the essence of the man’s actions. He lives and breathes for love, that’s why love is his name. Love has stolen his identity and everything he used to be. He is walking the dark streets because he is in the search of finding Norma. He is willing to do whatever it takes to get back what he used to have. He is willing to do everything for the feel and thrill of love.