the Chesapeake region

The New England and Chesapeake regions varied in many ways. They varied economically, socially, and religiously. At first there were many small colonies but then they grew into two distinct regions, the New England and Chesapeake areas. The New England region was a more superior place to live in than the Chesapeake region because the people in New England developed swifter and better. The Chesapeake region suffered because it had social, climatic, and religious problems.

Even though the southern area is known for their blossoming fields and enormous plantations, the climate is scorching and the area suffered from many diseases. (Jamestown Settlement: Primary Sources New Brittannia). As a result, a large part of the population actually ended up dying due to these harmful diseases like the disease of smallpox. Yes, the southern colonies had a thriving economy due to the growing of tobacco and rice, but they lacked diversity. In this area they mainly had only one type of religion, Anglican. They absolutely had no religious tolerance.

The social structure was also way off during this time period. It consisted with the majority of the population being poor indentured servants and slaves and then a small portion being wealthy plantation owners. The plantation owners were white men and they held all the power to vote in the society. That is why this region was so underdeveloped. They had a moist and blistering climate, and they had no diversity religiously or socially. However, The New England colonies developed better than the Chesapeake region because they had a better climate, and were more diverse socially along with religiously.

Firstly, it was colder in this region so the people there did not have any destructive illnesses lingering around. Secondly they had more of a mixture in religion like Quakers and Catholics. The people in these colonies focused on religion and they wanted close- knit families (Document A). They did not just have one sole religion but several. The area also had more of a diverse social system with many different levels. They had poor people, middle-class working people, and than the rich.

The people in this region believed that they should struggle and win together as a team. (City upon a Hill). The main reason they had a diverse social class is because they did not need to only depend on farming for their economic income. They had a fishing industry and the New England colonies were placed in an urban area so the people had more choices for jobs, although some people still farmed. They also had many technological advances in the New England Colony with Benjamin Franklin making many machines and inventions during this era.

That is why the New England area was more developed and had a better chance of surviving. In Conclusion, the New England area was a much better place to live. They were not as prone to diseases because of the colder climate, they were more diverse socially and religiously, and they had economic opportunities because they were an industry. This difference in development needed to occur because without it America wouldn’t be as diverse as it is today because everyone would just have conformed together.