The Cold War in the 1960s

LBJ and the Escalation of the War * Credibility * Feb 1965: air strikes started * July 1965: ground troops * Why there was no military victory in Vietnam? * The strength of the enemy * The weakness of the South Vietnamese Government * Guerilla war in Vietnam * Limited war in Vietnam * Search-and-destroy vs. clear-and-hold * The media * A Multitude of Movements Student Rebellions, The New Left, and the counter cultural movement * SDS (1960) and its goals * 1964 UC Berkeley and student rebellion * Cultural radicals: the hippies * The Rise of Feminism * Betty Friedan and The Feminine Mystique * 1968: the year of upheaval * January: the Tet Offensive and the credibility gap * March: LBJ would not run again for president * April: MLK assassinated * June: Bobby Kennedy assassinated

* August: the Democratic National Convention at Chicago became a street fight * Hubert H. Humphrey, Eugene McCarthy, Nixon, and the 1968 election * The challenge from George Wallace Troubles all around the world * NIXON, KISSINGER & DETENTE * Nixon, Henry Kissinger and geo-politics * Sino-Soviet split and the triangular diplomacy * Strategic Arms Limitation Talks I (SALT I) * Nixon’s war in Vietnam * June 1971, Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers * Paris Peace Treaty (1973) * The fall of Saigon (1975) * The Nixon Doctrine * Detente and the limit of US Power.