the conquest of Mexico,

I decided to write my paper on the Virgin of Guadalupe because I was raised to praise her but I never knew how she came to be. After reading about the Virgin Mary, so many things make sense now. Ten years after  On December 9, 1531, Juan Diego was on his way to the Convent of Tlatelolco for mass . At sunrise he reached the foot of Tepeyac. Suddenly he heard music that seemed like the chirping of thousands of birds.

Very surprised he stopped, raised his eyes to the top of the hill and saw that it was illuminated with a strange bright light. The music topped and then he heard a sweet voice from the top of the hill, calling him ” Juanito , Juan Dieguito Juan got up fast and upon reaching the top saw the Blessed Virgin Mary in the middle of a rainbow. Her beauty and kind eyes filled his heart with joy as heard he tender words she said to him. She spoke to him in Aztec. She told him that she was the Immaculate Virgin Mary, Mother of the True God.

She revealed her desperate desire to have a temple in her honor and to accomplish what my clemency pretends, she said go to the house of the Bishop of Mexico and tell him I ent you to express my great desire, that here on these plains build me a temple. She asked if he would say what he has seen and what he heard. She expressed that she would be grateful and will pay him back, because of his merit she would be happy and she would Ireward the effort and fatigue that this Journey would cause him.

Juan bowed to her and said ” Madam, and I will fulfill your mandate”, she said “l dismiss you , l, your humble servant. ” Juan Diego came to the house of Bishop Zumarraga, he said all that the Mother of God had told him, but the Bishop did not elieve him, asking him to come back another day. That same day he returned to the top of the hill and saw the Blessed Virgin waiting. With tears of sadness he told her about his failed mission. She asked to back to see the Bishop the next day. Juan Diego met the mandate of the Blessed Virgin.

This time he had better luck, the bishop asked for a sign. Juan went back to the hill, told Mary and she promised to give him a sign the next day in the morning, but Juan Diego could not complete her request because of the illness of his uncle Juan Bernardino. On December 12, Juan Bernardino Juan Diegds uncle was dying and Juan Diego rushed to bring a priest of Tlatelolco . He came to the side of the hill and decided to go through the other side to avoid being seen by the Blessed Virgin.

The Blessed Virgin wanted to meet his uncle and surprised Juan Diego when she went down and out to meet him. Juan apologized for not coming the day before. After hearing the Juan Diego speak, she said, ” Listen and understand my son. For your heart is troubled, do not fear this nor any other sickness or anguish that is why I am here! Are you not under my shadow? Am I not our health? What else do you need? Do not be afflicted by the illness of your uncle, who will not die now of, she sure that he has healed. When Juan Diego heard these words he was happy. He asked for some proof before he was off to see the Bishop. She told him to climb to the top where you saw me and there you will find different flowers, cut them, collect them and bring them back to me. When Juan Diego reached began to cut them and laid them in her lap. She took the flowers in her hands, arranged them on the cloak and said here’s the signal that you must take to the Bishop.

Rigorously she commanded him that only before the Bishop unfold his cloak and discover what you wear Juan Diego stood before the Bishop Fray Juan de Zumarraga , and told him the details of the fourth illusion of the Blessed Virgin , he opened his cloak to show the flowers, which fell to the ground. The Bishop was amazed because of the appearance the image of the Blessed Virgin Mary painted with the most beautiful colors on the rough cloth of his cloak. Works Cited . web. 16 oct 2013.. N. p. . web. 17 oct 2013.. .N. p.