The Department Stores in in America and Taiwan

The department stores in America and Taiwan A department store is a place that sells a wide range of products to the consumer. The products sold in a department store including everything, like clothing, cosmetics, furniture, home appliances, food, books, jewelry, and electronics. Managing the department stores is one of the typical big businesses in the world. America and Taiwan, have many ways of operating the department stores in common, including the way to attract customer, a set price, the employees’ rotation. However, the Product display, the operating time, and the serving style of the workers, are very different from each other.

Both American and Taiwanese love to shop. The department stores in both countries are always crowded. The appearance of a department store is very important in Taiwan, just as America. They are not only emphasize on the exterior of the building, but also changed the decoration of windows display every month. They also made some advertisement post on the subway, newspaper, and media to attract people. The price of each product in a department stores in the United States, just like Taiwan, is already set. People can not bargain about the price in the department stores.

Only if there is a special event, like Christmas, an anniversary, New Years, or the customers have the specific credit card which the department store provides they can have some discounts. The employees rotation in America is similar to Taiwan. That is when people go shopping, they usually can’t see the same employees serving people, because the stores change the employees all the time. In Taiwan, the same cosmetic shops are located in different department stores, and the companies make the employees rotate. In addition to the similarities, there are also some differences in the department stores between America and Taiwan.

First of all, department store in Taiwan, every brand has their own space and product display are always very neat. It makes the commodities look more valuable, then people would have more desire to purchase them; in contrast, American department stores, there are many different brands set in the same place, sometimes it looks messy and makes people lose interest. The way of serving in the department stores in the U. S. is difference from Taiwan. In general, one American employee can serve one customer in the department store, such as helping customer find the clothes, or introducing the new products to the customer.

However, Taiwan is a crowded place, and the department stores are always full of people. It’s hard for the employee to pay attention to only one customer. Usually, the employee in Taiwan has to serve more than two people at the same time. A final difference is American department stores open in the morning, and close at 9:00 at night. On the other hand, Taiwanese department stores, the operating time is from 11:00 a. m. to 10:00 p. m.. During the weekends, the department stores in Taiwan continue serving until 10:30 p. m. to attract more customers than weekdays.

Unlike the shopping malls in Taiwan, nevertheless, American department stores close at 6:00 p. m. on Sunday. Although there are some differences of product set up, operating styles and time. The operating methods of the United States and Taiwanese department stores still have something in common, including the way to attract customer, the price point, and the employees’ rotation. In fact, no matter where the department stores are located, the most important purpose of operating is to provide more good services to attract more customers, to make more profits.