The Differences of Education Between China and U.S

The Differences of Education Between China and U. S BY bballlJ15 The Differences of Education between China and U. S Based on checking the extensive literature and summing up the evidence, it is clear that study about differences of higher education between China and US has carried out a lot which mainly explaines the differences from different aspects of higher edcation between China and the United States.

Such aspects mainly includes the social environment and cultural tradition, higher education system and reform measures. In the Integration of these ifferences, advantages and evils of both educational systems have been evaluated respectively, and corresponding improvement measures were also put forwords. By summary, the detailed conclusions are listed as follows: US is a open society.

The society’s openness urges the American college to abandon old educational thoughts which European traditional universities stick to, adopt the open policy to absorb all advatanges from other countries and establishe a diverse and open education control system which emphasizes on the actual effect. US is the biggest ‘migrant ountry which has very strong containing nature in the culture. American economy ephiseizes on the practical value, matter rewards as well as individual value realization with fast development, rich material life, strong material idea and etc[2].

Us’s higher education was considered as the best education in the world. Comparing the elementary education between American and China, people’s universal view will be: China’s elementary education aims to build the foundation of education with more study and less thought; while US’s education aims to bulid such an education to raise the creativity with less study nd more thought. Now Chinese students are generally regarded as intalents with few intelligence and high scores.

What causes for such a view? Because the Chinese students study more, actually pay little attention to the practice, and cannot study for the purpose of application. Therefore, it is very important for Chinese higher education to cultivate the idea of unifying the study and prctice. US’s education pays more attention to raise student’s of supporting oneself, but China’s education emphases on training the students to be strict,rigorous spiritual. bviously, Chinese education may fruitfully develop and ultilize the function of cerebrum, but US’s higher education could expand the function of cerebrum by ultilizing and synthesizing the information outside. economy; US education aims to adapt for society demand, they explicitly stipulate three big functions including education’s service for the economic development, scientific research and teaching.

The manifest of service in the establishment of specialty curriculum is to meet the social need, set up special curriculum and specialty which the society needs; In China’s universities, during quite long period of ime, the establishment of specialty curriculum lacks the change and couldnot follow social demand. In order to adapt the society, the American universities has established many specialties and curriculum of choice for students; The students choose or transformate specialties and schools according to own interest and hobby.

The American higher education system is extremely diverse and flexible, which is solo in the world higher education; In China, the student may choose the specialty according to own interest and hobby, but change of specialty in the school is not easy, and transformation of school is more difficult. When American school inspects the result of student, they emphasize more on the ability to analyze and solve the question but not the ability of memory or description.

The American students donot need the mechanical memorizing, but display creative thought as far as possible; This can cultivate student’s study interest, raise the ability of doing it byself and make the study be one kind of creative action. Many teachers still adopted old teaching ways in the Chinese universities, thus take a test which needs mechanical memorizing. Due to the development of science nd technology, connections between higher education and national politics, economy, science,culture, military relation is day by day closer.

The higher education is vigorous and upward, and it not only simply performances for the growth of quantity, but especially has had the huge change in the nature[l]. The advanced level of higher education has become a thesymbol of national strength. We should clarify the difference of higher education between China and American, at the same time absorb the advantges to profit from the American higher education so as to faster the reform andthe development of our higher education.