The Effects of Human Activity on Climate

Climate is a natural activity that can be defined as the weather conditions prevailing in an area in general over a long period of time (which can include temperature, air pressure, humidity, precipitation, sunshine, cloudiness, and winds) (“Climate”). The climate has been a part of our environment long before humans came to study it, and really took it into consideration. Now through the many negative environmental actions created by humans through beneficial human activities we have greatly come to change the natural flow that climate has on the environment.

Human activity has such a dramatic affect on climate that our activities have already changed atmospheric characteristics such as temperature, rainfall, levels of carbon dioxide, ground level ozone, and shore areas like tidal zones (“Agriculture and Food Supply”). With these changes to our environment come natural devastating catastrophes like droughts, floods, and severe storms just to name a few.

Through the evolution of our earth human beings have come up with so many technological advances (like transportations, use of CFS, and release of gases through factory productions just to name a few) that have bettered our society in many way, and in a sense have made life easier for mankind. However with all these new technological advances come damaging effects to the environment. Natural changes in climate result from interaction such as those between atmosphere and ocean (which is known as internal factors from external causes) (“Climate Change”).

Prime examples of this are climate changes caused by human activities like heat trapping of gases, which are also known as green house gases. One of the biggest ways that people contribute to green house gases, and affect our climate is through burning fossil fuels, which is in turned used for technologies like generating electricity, heating of buildings and homes, powering factories, and fuel for our cars. A result of this is the massive amounts of carbon dioxide in earth’s atmosphere (“Climate Change”).

Through all these proceedings we mess with our earth we mess with our home (niche), which is a serious issue, because earth is the only home known to all kinds. Also through the act of cutting down trees and deforestation, we had led to changing of climate because of the balance of nature being thrown off. Trees and other plants use carbon dioxide and give off oxygen. When trees are cut down for development, agriculture, and other purposes, they’re no longer available to take carbon dioxide out of the air, and actually release carbon dioxide as they decay or burn.

Through these actions the levels of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases increase, more heat is “trapped” and global temperatures rise. This causes significant changes in the timing and length of the seasons as well as the amount and frequency of precipitation (“What is Climate Change”). Through all the harmful effects that humans beings have created on our environment to better our society that has lead to climate change is a serious issues and impacts on our planet both locally and globally.

In 2007, the International Panel on Climate Change, studied the effects of global warming, and climate change, from those studies they estimated that sea levels could raise from 7-23 inches by the year 2100 (“What is Climate Change”). With this worldwide densely populated coastal communities and infrastructure that support them would be affected (such as city buildings, homes, roads, ports and wastewater treatment plants. This proves that climate change is a big issue, and that once it happens the effects of it may become irreversible, which could lead to life becoming very difficult for certain population of, animals, plants, and humans.

This could eventually lead to movement or migration of individuals and species for survival, or possibly cause many species of animals to disappear, become endangered species or extinct. Ultimately it may lead to species, cultures, resources, and many lives being lost (Gosling et al 9). Even though human actions has caused our climate to change so much, we can still take control, and come up with plans to help reverse or lessen the severity of our proceedings and the way it affects the climate and the environment as a whole.

One of the things that we can do to help save climate and the environment is just planting more. New plants and trees help to remove greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide from the air. Also through planting and growing your own food helps in preventing more carbon dioxide from entering the air from the fossils fuel burning trucks, planes, and ships which transport food from far away (“Global Climate Change”). This plan is so simple but yet effective, all it requires us to do is to just garden more.

Everyone could start by investing just a few dollars in garden materials, and seeds. After obtaining all the materials necessary, the next thing to do would be to find an area (any area will do), after that the area would have to then be cleaned and cleared out. Finally the gardening process can be begun, and then cared and maintained each week. This would lead to incredible results, like eliminating green house gases, healthier food and air, and it would allow overall savings and certain groceries.

Another very important action individuals can take that would benefit not only the environment, but also improve the severities that society has caused to our atmosphere is through reducing trash piles and garbage disposal. One of the first actions in this stewardship plan is buying reusable grocery bags. Through this massive amounts of plastic could be saved, and it would greatly help in eliminating the amount of trash pile each week. Recycling as much as possible is also a great way to help eliminate weekly trash, and greenhouse gases.

Also through something simple as bringing you own mug when going to buy coffee or lattes in the mornings is a great way to use less paper and save trees (this plan is effective, because as previously stated trees help to reduce CO2 and provide O2). Drinking filtered or tap water as well as using reusable bottles can also help cut down on plastic and weekly trash. Finally buying products that use less packaging materials is a great way to cut down on energy, because it takes energy to create them, and energy to remake the packages into something new (“Global Climate Change”).

Through the actions of planting more, and eliminating weekly trash we can great improve our environment through eliminating gases caused by factories, transport vehicles, and so much more (which in turn lead to pollution). These measures help to eliminate pollution from air, through eliminating pollution we help to maintain the natural climate patterns of temperature, precipitation, humidity, wind, and the seasons (“What is Climate Change”). As for stakeholder these actions would also benefit them, because they also live on this planet so clean air should be important to them as well.

Also through recycling and using fewer products when packaging would help stakeholders save money as well, because they would not have to invest so much money in packaging their products. The overall success of these actions would be monitored by measuring whether or not the amounts of green house gases decrease, and finally by measuring and observing the climate changes and patterns. Climate is important to our environment, and it has a huge impact on life and the various life forms that come with it (known as biodiversity).

This is because so many systems are tied to climate, so a change in climate can affect many related aspects of where and how people, plants, and animals live, such as food productions, availability and use of water, health risk and so much more. Through recycling, and planting, and other simple change and action we can help to eliminate the problems that cause climate change. Earth is our home, and we only have one environment so we should treat it with respect, because when we show it admiration it will respect us back.