the England witches

The story is about a boy and his grandmother who knew the witches very well. The witches hate children very much, so when they saw a child they will make them disappeared. One time, when the boy was training his mouse in a meeting room of the hotel, about a hundreds of witches came in and had their meeting. There was also a witch leader called The Grand High Witch. She had invented a medicine called the Formula 86 Delayed Action Mouse-Make, which could turn people into mouse.

She decided to add the medicine in the chocolate and gave to the children, so that they would all become mice after eating. The boy’s classmate, Bruno Jenkins was the first to try the chocolate. He came to the meeting room. After ten seconds, the medicine took effect and Bruno turn into a mouse! When the meeting was nearly finished, a witch discovered there was a boy hiding in the room.

So, the Grand High Witch forced him to drink the new medicine and afterwards, he became a mouse too. The boy and Bruno went to find the boy’s grandmother and told her all about the wicked things the witches had done. They decided to get rid of the England witches and started to plot out their plan. At last, their plan success and all the witches turned into mice. After that, they back to Norway and planned to turn the other country of the witches into mouse also.