the enthusiasm of success

“I have no friend, Margaret: when I am glowing with the enthusiasm of success, there will be none to participate my joy; if I am assailed by disappointment, no one will endeavour to sustain me in dejection. ” (Page 5) -Robert Walton -Letter 2 It relates to the theme of isolation, he believes he is too good for anyone, nobody matched to his intelligence therefore he is alone. He is also ambitious; he wants to be known for discovering something. “You seek for knowledge and wisdom, as I once did; and I ardently hope that the gratification of your wishes may not be a serpent to sting you, as mine has been. ” (Page 16) -Robert Walton

-Letter 4 This is foreshadowing, Victor is saying that he hopes that Walton’s thirst for knowledge and adventure not turn into ruin as his fate was before him. “Learn from me, if not by my precepts, at least by my example, how dangerous is the acquirement of knowledge and how much happier that man is who believes his native town to be the world, than he who aspires to become greater than his nature will allow. ” (Page 43) -Victor Frankenstein -Chapter 4 He is advising Walton to believe more in his family and town rather than to seek knowledge because with great knowledge brings great destruction if not used in the correct way.

Plus to always follow life as nature will allow and to not defy it. “Life and death appeared to me ideal bounds, which I should first break through, and pour a torrent of light into our dark world. ” (Page 44) -Victor Frankenstein -Chapter 4 He wanted to implore the fine line between life and death, this was when his curiosity into the matter began to stir. “For this I had deprived myself of rest and health. I had desired it with an ardour that far exceeded moderation; but now that I had finished, the beauty of the dream vanished, and breathless horror and disgust filled my heart. ” (Page 48) -Victor Frankenstein -Chapter 5

He believed his dream to be that of beauty and accomplishment rather he created a monster of such hideous attributes that is disgusts him that he was able to create such a thing. “flash of lightning illuminated the object and discovered its shape plainly to me; its gigantic stature, and the deformity of its aspect, more hideous than belongs to humanity, instantly informed me that it was the wretch, the filthy demon to whom I had given life” (Page 69) -Victor Frankenstein -Chapter 7 He goes on to further talk about the hideousness of the monster, he describes the horrid description in great detail, he compares his creation to the devil, thus implying bible stories. “The sublime and magnificent scenes afford me the greatest consolation I was capable of receiving. ” (Page 92) -Victor Frankenstein -Chapter 10 This is a romantic feature; it describes nature, landscape and scenery and how victor feels at peace when surrounded by it. This is once he creates the monster and abandons it in fear.

“All men hate the wretched; how then, must I be hated, who am miserable beyond all living things! Yet you, my creator, detest and spurn me, thy creature, to whom thou art bound by ties only dissoluble by the annihilation of one of us. ” (Page 95) -The Monster -Chapter 10 The Monster is explaining to Frankenstein his hurt and anguish because he left him after creating him, he relates it to god and being Adam. This is where the monster begins to feel the emotion of betrayal.

“When I looked around I saw and heard of none like me. Was I, a monster, a blot upon the earth from which all men fled and whom all men disowned? ” (Page 119) -The Monster -Chapter 13 This is identity crisis, he begins to ask himself questions about who he is, he is in a dilemma within himself. “Thanks to the lessons of Felix and the sanguinary laws of man, I had learned now to work mischief I bent over her, and placed the portrait securely in one of the folds of her dress. She moved again, and I fled.

The theme of revenge, the monster has now realized that he will never be accepted by humanity, so is cunning and knowledge is revealed when he tricks them into thinking Janine killed William. “I am alone and miserable: man will not associate with me; but one as deformed and horrible as myself would not deny herself to me. My companion must be of the same species and have the same defects. This being you must create. ” (Page 146) -The Monster -Chapter 16

The Monster wishes for Victor to create a monster just as him, so he has a companion, this is the climax in the story. This shows that the monster understands the meaning of family and being together and that is what he wants. “I will revenge my injuries: if I cannot inspire love, I will cause fear; and chiefly towards you my arch-enemy, because my creator, do I swear inextinguishable hatred. Have a care: I will work at your destruction, nor finish until I desolate your heart, so that you shall curse the hour of your birth. ” (Page 148) -The Monster -Chapter 17

This shows that if he cannot be loved by people and be part of a family, he will make people suffer and fear him, he will take revenge on those who did not like him, he is angry at the fact that victor left him and thus will destroy him. “Slave, I before reasoned with you, but you have proved yourself unworthy of my condescension. Remember that I have power; you believe yourself miserable, but I can make you so wretched that the light of day will be hateful to you. You are my creator, but I am your master; — obey! ” (Page 172) -The Monster -Chapter 20

What you create can always overcome you; the monster says that even though victor created him, he still has the power above him. Further depth on the theme revenge. “You can blast my other passions, but revenge remains—revenge, henceforth dearer than light of food! I may die, but first you, my tyrant and tormentor, shall curse the sun that gazes on your misery. ” (Page 173) -The Monster -Chapter 20 Revenge is his main focus and is emphasized now, The monster is very angry and wishes to torment victor. He goes from calling him my creator to my tyrant and tormentor.