The False Perception

In the story “The Last Leaf” the false perception of this story has a powerful outcome. Sue led Johnsy to believe that the last leaf had not fell off from the vine. As Johnsy looked out of the window she could see the little leaf hanging on for dear life. Even through the snow, and the pouring down rain it stayed firmly attached to it’s vine. Johnsy counted as all the other leaves fell from it’s vine. But for some reason this little leaf held on strong.

She began to wonder if this leaf was sending her a message to stay strong just like it did through the roughest times of the year. The leaf held on and endured the worst weather conditions of the year. That encouraged Johnsy to hang on to her life and possibly get through this sickness from a “chivalric old gentleman named Mr. Pneumonia. ” Sue knew the whole time that the last leaf had fell off its vine one tempestuous night. But enable to keep Johnsy some what alive, she made a false perception by going along with what Mr.

Behrman thought was best. Which was painting an identical leaf on the brick wall to make it look like the real leaf was still holding on to its life. The false perception worked and made Johnsy realize how naughty she was being by only thinking about her self. In the outcome Johnsy survived her fatal sickness and held on strong just like she thought the last leaf had done all along. Mr. Behrman not only took his own life to save the life of Johnsy but also created and finished a masterpiece he had always spoke of doing.