the financial package dream career

Young people generally start thinking about their future career when they are still at school, by making the right choice of subjects to study. What the financial package of their dream career is may not be important at that stage, but it certainly becomes a relevant consideration later on. However, how important this consideration is varies from one person to another. On the one hand, financial gain is definitely a factor one should consider when choosing a career. There is no denying that the salary is one of the top priorities when people start looking for a job.

Most people start to take on the responsibility for the cost of living when they leave school, and it is of great importance to find a job with a higher salary, even though working hours might be longer than in other occupations. Moreover, these positions may have numerous potentials, such as a chance for promotion, training opportunity, a good work environment, and reputation. Having money also helps one gain his independence, for instance, maintaining a family, buying a house, paying rent, travelling around the world.

Money is also necessary to buy basic utilities such as food and water, and it also aids to secure your home from theft. On the other hand, many people do not, and should not, focus on this factor as the main one. Salaries should not be the most important factor in choosing a career. People may neglect many other things that are worth to pursue in one’s life if they consider money to be the most important factor in choosing a career. In fact, many people choose to fulfil their life goals and give up the job opportunity with the highest salary.

For one thing, being engaged with the job you love can let you work in a pleasurable atmosphere in order to enhance your work efficiency. People can gain more satisfaction once they achieve their goals. Not only that, but focusing primarily on money when selecting a career ignores the concept that making money is not the reason most of us get jobs, but rather a means of obtaining material goods and services and of achieving important goals, such as providing security for oneself and one’s family, lifelong learning, freedom to travel or to pursue hobbies.

Acknowledging the distinction, one may select a career on the basis of money, since more money can buy more goods and services as well as the security, freedom, and time to enjoy them. It does not mean that everybody should regard it as the most important factor in life. After all, money is just a way satisfy our basic life needs. All in all, I think the best career choice is the combination of personal interests and financial benefits. If people choose a career that they do not like, they may be impatient when they are at work. Only in doing what they like or have interests in, can people improve their working productivity and performance.