The great depression in America

The great depression in America occurred during the reign of Herbert Hoover, the tenure of the Americas 31st president. Hoover who easily won the elections with a massive landslide over the Democratic Al Smith. He believed in efficiency and enhanced the notion that economic problems had their solutions hidden in technocratic approaches. During this time he tried the volunteer approach and government action to enhance the economy functioning but still failed.

The breaking down of the Wall Street in 1929 challenged the American economy. Things went berserk for Hoover who avoided legislative relief proposals. Historian believe strongly that Roosevelt’s victory in 1932 was due to Hoover’s inability to address and resuscitate the American economy during the period when millions were rendered jobless and great heights of hopelessness hovered on the horizons. Though it is also agreed that   Regardless of Hoover’s relentless efforts that were deemed non-consequential in comparison with Roosevelt tenure, they surmount those all his federal predecessors.

The political Platform that gave Roosevelt victory was coined behind the New Deal political ideology, this was a liberal New Deal Coalition invented by his government to support his projects. His intervention was timely in assuring economic boomerang through creating of jobs, abolishing of the stock market monopoly, enactment of the bank deposits that assured the business fraternity stable market economy. Workers unions were also formed.

Despite Roosevelt’s monumental efforts in trying to contain the sickening memoirs of the great depression, he experienced an equaled opposition. Economists of the time wedged massive criticism against his short-term policies, which they termed as a toothless. A consortium of organizations, Lawyers, Democrats and Republican and writers all mounted vicious criticism against Roosevelt’s efforts like the public scorned Hoover by labeling him nicks names.

The Supreme Court also in retaliation banned most of the unconstitutional programs. By and large the genesis to the bankruptcy and the depression of America transcends beyond the Hoover and Roosevelt’s regime. David Kennedy (1999)


David Kennedy (1999) Freedom From Fear: The American People in Depression and War: 1929-1945. Oxford University Press