The Guinness Basketball Commercia

Commercials are not always just informative, some convey a message so strong it leaves you thinking about it when it’s over. Most people could care less about watching commercials and would consider them a waste of time, but an opposite handful comes to find them interesting and useful. Many commercials target certain audiences, having the ability to draw the viewers in closer and closer wishing that it were never over. The Guinness Basketball Commercial of 2013 was a top-viewed ad around the nation for it is something that you do not see everyday.

When watching this commercial rhetorically, you see things that many normal viewers would not and how well directed this piece of work really is. The Guinness Basketball Commercial exemplifies the aspects of Pathos and Ethos, delivering a inspirational message nationwide through the use of dedication, loyalty, and friendship. This commercial demonstrates dedication, giving up one’s own time to better off a friend that they care about. In the video, nine normal men play wheelchair basketball with their friend who is disabled and cannot enjoy the same experiences they are able to.

This is very powerful because you are able to extract the fact that there is not a shot these men would be playing like this if their other friend did not have the ability to walk. Using the rhetoric concept of pathos, the audience is drawn into a state of inspiration and feels what the disabled character has to go through. When they stop playing, the other nine men stand holding the door open for their friend and exit the gym. This makes the audience feel the entitlement of respect for the players who give up their legs just to make their buddy feel included.

The disabled man is filled with joy that he has a group of friends who are willing to do anything to make him feel a part of something. This is shown by his positive body language and reactions. The end of the commercial is composed of them going out for a drink after a hard fought, while fun game of basketball. The director is easily able to connect to the focused audience making them want to watch it over and over again, creating more success for the commercial.

All in All, through dedication the commercial is titled as one of the most inspiring and most watched ad in 2013. The commercial also delivers a strong message through the use of loyalty for one another. This commercial connected to me especially because I have the type of friends where I know they would do the same for me if I were in a situation like this. While watching this ad, the audience does not know that the other players are able to walk. When finding out, you are given a feeling of happiness and awe not expecting this would be the outcome.

This video really captures the element of pathos to make sure the audience stays focused on the commercial with the competitive gameplay and inspiring music in the background. Faithfulness is enticed throughout the entire commercial because even if they were all disabled, it is clear that this group of friends would stick together through any obstacles thrown their way. Even though the commercial does not give away the message of loyalty right away, you can still see glimpses of devotion between the characters and how much they care for each other.

After all that is the meaning of being loyal, having someone’s back no matter how bad the outcome looks. This commercial is intended for a more specific audience rather than the general public. Mainly for those who have a good friend that cannot share the things that they are able to do and are willing to help them out. It may even be for those who do have a problem or disability who want to experience activities others can. The possibilities are endless and loyalty is a major characteristic played in the creation of this commercial.

Lastly, this commercial is based off the sole purpose of friendship and what it means to be a good friend. While watching you can already tell this group of guys are comfortable with each other and have a strong bond. But when the defining moment comes and you see them stand, the audience is mind blown and friendship becomes an understatement. Sympathy is given to the character in the wheelchair, but at the same time an emotion of jealousy is also exposed towards him for having such a solid gang that cares and loves him.

This makes the viewers start to ask themselves, do I have the type of friends that would do the same for me? That one final scene of them sitting around the table and having a beer, defines pathos the most. You see so many other videos and photos of men talking and smiling drinking a beer, it almost acts as a universal definition of the term friendship. The beautiful thing about this commercial is that it is very rare. You don’t hear of everyday situations like this one happening, so it makes it that much more special adding inspiration.

And for those that are caught in a situation like this, words cannot even describe how much this ad must have meant to them. Even though many people are not affected or can relate to themselves to this commercial, it gives a sense of hope that there is still good in this world and true friendship still exists. This ad also embeds the rhetoric concept of ethos to tie in credibility along with the amount of pathos that was used. By using a well-known and prestigious beer commercial, the video becomes extremely credible and valid.

The audience is put on their feet wondering what will happen next in the commercial which makes it a successful commercial kicking out any previous thoughts they may have had before viewing the short advertisement. You are able to tell that the director put a lot of thought and did a very well job in the creation of this commercial. No one likes watching commercials, but after seeing ones like this, it send chills down your spine making you crave for more. The commercial states, “The choices we make, reveal the true nature of our character”, and it could not have been said any better with the emphasis on dedication, loyalty, and friendship.