The influence of Christianity on the Western countries

The Influence of Christianity on the Western countries Western Culture refers to the culture that has developed in the western world, while traditional western culture is said to have been created by three main historical factors: Ancient Greece, the Roman Empire, and Christianity. For the important role Ancient Greece and Roman Empire in human Civilization, the influence ot them on the western culture Is easily to be understood. However, In which aspects, or how Chrlstlanlty, the religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, Influenced western culture?

In this article, I will discuss some Influence of Christianity on the estern culture. Firstly, during Middle Ages, Christianity played a very important part in uniting the Europe confronted with chaos. Europe, especially the western part reached more understanding and agreement in culture thanks to Christianity. It made a great difference in shaping the general morality at that time. Moreover, the spirit of chrlstlanlty profoundly affected the clvlllzlng of the Germans. Generally. the whole social values of the western world have been Influenced by the thought of Christianity.

Secondly, Christianity made contributions to the classical culture or in ther words to the reconstruction of the classical civilization. Christianity was the only organization realizing the significance of Greek and Roman culture when the priceless classical culture was in the greatest danger of extinction. Much classical works had been copied, protected and then carried forward by chrlstlanlty. It Is not only meaningful to the grand classical culture but also to the development of the whole human race in terms of civilization.

Besides, a new branch of sub]ect scholasticism, which is thought to be an essential section of philosophy was started nd stimulated by Christianity-Thirdly, since there were no public schools then; it is Christianity that took the responsibility of education in the society. In addition, along the early phase ot Middle Ages. most ot the common people were illiterate, Christians were the very group able to save and spread culture, Besides, all the schools then were founded by Christianity, it Is never too much to perceive the Importance of Its role in education.

Their students could study “seven liberal arts” derived from Greek and Roman culture which served to pass on the spirit of Christianity. And because Christianitys leading position in Middle Ages, literature took the church literature as its mainstay with the majority of writers being Christians. Through literature Christianity reaffirmed Its status in Middle Ages, While speaking ot art, Christianity made Its unique Influence. The chrlsuan Art was creauve with Its own Impressive characteristics.

The highest achievement In art Is believed to be In construction. With the church becoming the center of people’s life, building churches gained more and more attention and support. Nymphaeum and Gothic architecture are two distinguished innovations in architecture. The master work like cathedral of Pisa best conveyed the involving charms of nymphaeum: and Notre Dame de Paris represented higher elegance and grandness than the former ot Gothlc architecture.

The art of painting n Middle Ages was also born under the Influence of Christlanlty. The themes of paintings at that time are all concerned with Christianity. Though, finally paintings more related to the reality appeared, we cant deny the impact of organization. And in many ways, Christianity served as government to help people, which laid a foundation of its irreplaceable position. All in all, Christianity has played an important role in western culture.

Jesus Christ was one of the most influential persons in human history, and his preaching of salvation, redemption and immortality not only affected the social structure, the humanistic spirit and the morality but also their literature, philosophy and other aspects. Besides, in order to educate its clergy, the Roman Catholic Church founded many seminaries throughout Europe. These, in turn, grew into todays universities and colleges. Nearly as monasticism, Christianity has great influence on the western culture.