the Mexican Chupacabra

The Rougarou Deep in Cajun country there is a legend, it is the legend of a shape shifter known by the locals as the Rougarou. The Rougarou is known to suck the blood out of its prey, somewhat similar to the Mexican Chupacabra, but unlike the Chupacabra, the Rougarou does not have a preference to a certain animal such as the Chupacabra to goats.

The Rougarou is known to stalk farm animals and decimate the bodies in the night, leaving the farmers in dismay as to who or what has killed his/her livestock. The local sheriffs departments seem to get quite a few of “strange calls” to disturbances on the bayou that most of the time are just trespassing or breaking and entry, but sometimes, just sometimes, things get weird. Local folktale suggests the Rougarou is a demon that takes human form to punish the wicked.

Others say that the Rougarou is complete myth and should be tossed in the barrel with the loch ness monster and bigfoot, While some parents say that the Rougarou was made up to scare young children to behave parents would say things such as: “you young ones be good now or the Rougarou will get you”. One of the myths that surround the Rougarou is that the Rougarou torments damned souls. The Rougarou is that of legend, it has only been caught on camera a very few times and those times give the Rougarou impossible proportions.

One such time that the Rougarou was caught on camera it was in a small parish in Louisiana. The Rougarou is described by those who have seen it to be 7ft or taller to have short legs and arms that drag upon the ground, but that is only one of it’s shapes due to the fact that it is a shape shifter. There have been many strange abductions that surrounds the tale of the Rougarou, the bodies usually turn up in the bayou torn apart and having no remaining blood in the body.

These occurrences are few and far in between but they puzzle the police to no end, posing questions such as: “what is happening to these people? ” and “who would do such a thing? The intrigue of the Rougarou has sparked many hunters to go after such a strange beast to collect the many rewards that have been placed upon the creature’s head. Some people involved in Voodoo believe that the Rougarou is what they summon to torment people, others believe that the Rougarou is merely legend, either way it is an amazing tale.