The Neolithic Revolution

The Neolithic Revolution One of the biggest turning points in history was the Neolithic Revolution. This was the transition from the Paleolithic period of history to the Neolithic period. The major point was the agricultural part. This made it possible for villages to be built. Because of that, people stopped being nomads. This was the biggest point of the Neolithic Revolution. Before the Neolithic Revolution, people were nomadic and moved around from place to place following food. Their source of food was hunting and gathering. The Neolithic Revolution started with the beginning of farming.

Also with the domestication of animals. Something else that changed with the Neolithic Revolution was the art. Neolithic art became bigger, and pottery became more common. Clothing also changed. It was detailed with beads during the Neolithic period. Also, the tools became more advanced. For example, tools became sharper and smoother. They also developed hand axes and spears. They also developed weaving in the Neolithic period. A lot of things advanced and progressed with the Neolithic Revolution. Things like food, shelter, clothing and tools. Mankind went through a major change with the Neolithic Revolution.

It prompted the development of social classes and new technologies. It also made it possible for the Egyptian, Mesopotamian and Indian Empires to start. The Neolithic Revolution is arguably the most important revolution in the history of mankind. http://www. angelfire. com/ca2/kushana/Neolithic. html http://www. regentsprep. org/regents/global/themes/change/neo. cfm http://smarthistory. khanacademy. org/the-neolithic-revolution. html The Technological Revolution in America The industry of technology has moved extremely fast in America in the past few years.

In just a few short years things such as home computers and cellphones have evolved into an item that is a huge part of society today. It has made so many things possible today such as aid in finding missing children and the field of medicine. When you break down the Technological Revolution, what you find is 3 smaller revolutions. It all started with the power revolution. Then came the communications revolution and the transportation revolution. The technological revolution has really done amazing things for America. One effect technology has had is the advancement of medicine.

Nowadays we are finding cures for many diseases and being able to cure people in ways like never before. Another amazing effect technology has had is the increase in communication. It is now easier than ever to reach family or friends. It also had an effect on education and you can now take classes online. The Technological Revolution had a huge effect on America and countries all over the world. It is a major change in society that will continue to grow and evolve in the future. The major points of this revolution are communication and medicine. This is a huge change that happened very quickly and effectively. ttp://www. fpri. org/footnotes/1318. 200807. klein. techrevolution. html http://dailyinfographic. com/technological-revolution-infographic http://www. bitrebels. com/technology/technological-revolution-what-where-it-is-infographic/ Comparing the Neolithic Revolution and the Technological Revolution The Neolithic and Technological Revolution are both alike, and one major point ties it all together, and that is the effect that both of the revolutions had on mankind and society. One thing they have in common is that they both strengthened communication in their separate time periods.

For the technological revolution, we now have cellphones and computer to help us communicate. In the Neolithic period, being in one village as a settlement made it much easier to spread news and other things. Another thing that both of these events have in common is that they both helped the development of a new lifestyle. For example, with the Neolithic Revolution, they evolved from a lifestyle of nomadic ways to a life with permanent settlements and agriculture. Something different about these two events is that the Neolithic Revolution focused more on housing and individuals.

The technological revolution focused more on society as a whole. There are similarities and differences when it comes to the Neolithic Revolution and the Technological revolution. They both made a huge impact on mankind.