the overloading of Hong Kong’s healthcare system

Think about your classmates or schoolmates and try to describe them! Do it! Now count how many of them you described as ‘FAT’. You can always name one, can’t you? At least I can. Obesity can cause a lot of disease like diabetes and high blood pressure, which may cause the overloading of Hong Kong’s healthcare system. That’s what makes obesity not just a problem of patients but also a problem of the public. So, what causes obesity? Sure you’ve heard ‘being fat is cute and healthy and brings good luck’ from different TV programmers or even your parents or grannies.

That’s one of the reasons why 13. 4% of boys and 10. 5% of girls between the ages of 6 and 18 are overweight. Adults, especially the old ones, love rewarding kids with snacks, usually the unhealthy one like chocolates, chips, etc. Not just obesity it caused, but also diabetes. These snacks contain a large amount of energy, sodium, and fat, which they get 35 – 45% calories from. Remember Augustus Gloop in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Yes, he’s the fat boy who loves chocolate and ends up being sucked out of the chocolate river. Do you want yourself or your children look like Augustus?

Sure nobody wants to look like Giant be? r, so stop rewarding them with snacks, but whole grains, vegetables, and fruit instead. Now, count the total time of your exercise in a week. I got about 120 minutes, what ? bout you? Less than 30 minutes? You’re just like most young people in Hong Kong. This is also the main cause of obesity. According to a survey make by HKU, 69% of local secondary school students don’t do enough exercise to achieve health benefits from it and almost 20% got NO exercise at all and somehow they think they can maintain good health with little or no physical activity.

Ridiculous isn’t it? Or you have the same thought? Dr. Jack Hodgins from the Chinese university said that a large percentage of children have no exercise. He said that children were spending too much time on activities such as playing computer games and watching TV. Dr. Hodgins said young people ought to include more physical activity in their daily routines. Exercise was particularly important for young people because it helped to build and maintain strong bones and muscles. With too little exercise their bones and muscles would not develop properly.

How many sit-ups can you do in 5 minutes? 10 years ago, children in Hong Kong can do 100, now they can only do 50. Children are becoming less and less fit. When you’re not fit, your heart gets weaker and needs to work harder to keep your body going and if it has to work too hard for a long period of time, you can develop serious problems such as heart disease and high blood pressure. Don’t let this happen to you! Keep fit! Stay healthy! ‘We got lots of homework and exams; we got no time at all, ‘ students said. Well, ‘no time’ is never a reason since WALKING IS ALSO A KIND OF EXERCISE.

Walking home is quite a good way to do exercise if you’re not living too far away from school Do you eat your breakfast every morning? Do you know that skipping breakfast is also a cause of getting fat? People who skipped breakfast usually become so hungry by mid-morning that they need to fill up on high-fat or high-sugar snacks and beverages. As a result, they consume too many calorie and gain weight. So don’t forget to have a healthy breakfast every day. In conclusion, we should always have a healthy breakfast every morning, have a b? lanced diet, and, most importantly, do enough exercise so we can stay? way from obesity and diabetes.