The principle color

Brand Identity Basics > Color > Primary palette The primary palette provides a distinctive basis for the CEVA brand identity. The principle color is CEVA burgundy. CEVA red is used primarily as an accent color, adding dimension to headlines and layouts. The neutrals black and white are also specified. The use of white is fundamental to the overall visual effect of the CEVA brand identity. White space creates a clean, efficient and professional image and reinforces the notion of simplicity and modernity.

Using these colors consistently will build powerful recall and ownership. CEVA burgundy CEVA red black white For two dimensional design Print On-screen PANTONE CMYK HTML RGB ® 202 C0 M100 Y60 K40 #990033 R153 G0 B51 185 C0 M100 Y80 K0 #FF0033 R255 G0 B51 Process Black C0 M0 Y0 K100 #000000 R0 G0 B0 – – #FFFFFF R255 G255 B255 For three dimensional design Vinyl 3M™ Scotchcal™ Avery® RAL NCS BS4800 100-723 923 3004 S 4050-R 04D45 100-368 906 – S 1080-R 04E53 100-12 901 9005 S 9000-N 00E53 100-10 900 9016 S 0500-N 00E55 Paint

Colors must be accurately matched and reproduced. In the absence of specific color references, the colors must be matched to the correct PANTONE® coated samples provided in the most recent edition of the PANTONE® Color Formula Guide. Colors must not be matched to color laser copies. Basics Page 5 of 24 CEVA Brand Identity Basics > Color > Extended palette

The extended palette provides a balanced and flexible range of supplementary colors for use with the CEVA brand identity. CEVA burgundy CEVA red purple maroon cardinal pink PANTONE® CMYK HTML RGB 60 222 202 193 185 C60 M100 Y0 K20 C0 M100 Y20 K60 C0 M100 Y60 K40 C0 M100 Y70 K20 C0 M100 Y80 K0 #660066 R102 G0 B102 #660033 R102 G0 B51 #990033 R153 G0 B51 #CC0033 R204 G0 B51 #FF0033 R255 G0 B51 183 C0 M40 Y20 K0 #FF9999 R255 G153 B153 navy cerulean sky aqua lime amber orange PANTONE® CMYK HTML RGB 295 3015 2905 C100 M60 Y0 K40 C100 M30 Y0 K20 C40 M10 Y0 K0 #003366 R0 G51 B102 #006699 R0 G102 B153 #99CCFF R153 G204 B255 320 C100 M0 Y40 K0 #009999 R0 G153 B153 390 1375 C20 M0 Y100 K20 C0 M40 Y100 K0 #99CC00 R153 G204 B0 #FF9900 R255 G153 B0 65 C0 M60 Y100 K0 #FF6600 R255 G102 B0 black storm silver pearl mist white CEVA colors must only be used with CEVA burgundy or CEVA red and white. Tints of extended palette colors should not be used. PANTONE® CMYK HTML RGB Process Black C0 M0 Y0 K100 #000000 R0 G0 B0 Cool Gray 10 C0 M0 Y0 K60 #666666 R102 G102 B102 Cool Gray 7 C0 M0 Y0 K40 #999999 R153 G153 B153 Cool Gray 4 C0 M0 Y0 K20 #CCCCCC R204 G204 B204 Cool Gray 2 C0 M0 Y0 K10 #E6E6E6 R230 G230 B230 – – #FFFFFF R255 G255 B255 Basics Page 6 of 24