the process of making jams and jellies.

This lab was an experiment to show the way the enzyme; pectinase, can cause more juices to be extracted from the apple sauce. Pectin is most often used in the process of making jams and jellies.


So in the case that pectinase causes more juices to be extracted from things more than without the pectinase, the pectin is used for thickening and gelling the jelly and jams. Pectinase is an enzyme and enzymes are used to speed up reactions without becoming a part of the reaction itself.

Materials and Methods:
In this experiment, the theory is to test and see if pectinase will speed up the reaction and therefor get more juice from the applesauce itself. Applesauce, scientific filters, pectinase, graduated cylinders, and scales.

First, the applesauce should be measured and weighed out accordingly. Then once the materials have been measured out, place the filter paper inside the funnel that is inside the graduated cylinder and pour the applesauce on top of the filter paper. Now that there is applesauce that is draining the juice from the applesauce into the graduated cylinders.

There is a funnel with applesauce plain, then there I a funnel with applesauce that has pectinase mixed in with it. The pectinase caused the juices to extract quicker and ultimately more. The graduated cylinder with the applesauce plain had juice that was separating at 5 mL/minute. The cup with the pectinase and applesauce mixed, the juices were extracting at a much quicker rate; 26 mL/minute.

At 5 minutes the applesauce without pectinase had 25 mL of pectinase that had been separated out. In the cylinder with the applesauce that had pectinase in it at 5 minutes there were 65 mL of juice in the cylinder. At 10 minutes the cup with pectinase had 75 mL and the cup without had 30 mL collected in the cylinder. After 15 minutes had passed, the cup with the pectinase in the applesauce had collected 85 mL and the cup without had collected 36 mL.

Then at the 20 minute mark the cup with pectinase in the applesauce had collected a total of 90 mL and the applesauce without had collected 40 mL. All together the applesauce with the pectinase proved that the pectinase causes a reaction to occur quicker without interfering with the reaction.

There was more than two times the amount of juice in the cylinder where the applesauce with pectinase had drained in to. To me the juice from both had been good, but the one without the pectinase seemed to be a little bit more tart than the one with the pectinase.