The progression module

The progression module is a course which I would recommend for anyone. It has a numerous amount of benefits, one of the main benefits is it allows you to explore a broad range of courses at a variety of university.


I feel the progression module has prepared me for university as I have discovered many courses that interest me. The progression module has also helped me understand other vital things that need to be considered when going university, such as deciding whether to live at home or away from home and all the financial implications university life holds.

During the progression module I have discovered a great deal about myself and what I would like to pursue a career in. After completing the progression module I feel I now have the opportunity to access the career I want through a variety of routes. I also feel I am now much more confident in terms of writing letters, CV’s and personal statements.

This has benefited massively because when applying for voluntary work I was much more assertive when writing my CV, I took a positive approach which I learned from the progression module and due to this approach I was given the role of volunteer in the hospital. Whilst doing a-levels students are expected to deliver presentations on subject topics.

In the progression module I had to create a presentations and deliver it, I followed all the information provided from the progression module and I feel I managed to deliver my presentation effectively remaining confident and clear at all times.

Another thing the progression module prepared me for was interview, following the progression modules guidelines helped me develop all the positive and necessary skills required for delivering a questionnaire. After following these guidelines I was successful in my mock interview.

I remained confident at all times, I did everything possible to express the knowledge and interest I had for medicine without showing arrogance. After participating in a mock interview I was also given feedback on my performance and what I should do to do even better.

The mock interview was a huge boost of motivation as all the feedback I received was positive and I was told if I go for an interview tomorrow I will be successful. Universities always look at personal statements before accepting any student for an interview.

So essentially the personal statement is a vital part in the acceptance of an applicant. In unit four of the progression module I was expected to write a personal statement but obviously I was given ideas on how to structure it, what to avoid and what to definitely include. This was extremely beneficial as I now feel I am prepared for university, I have a personal statement written and all I need to do is fill in my UCAS.

Overall the progression module has helped me decide what I would like to do in terms of living at home or living away from home. I have decided I am going to study at a university close to home so I can love at home. I know about all the financial implication involved when living at home and I know how to approach these implications and deal with them effectively.

The progression module was very interesting and intriguing it has been a huge benefit to my future especially my career. I feel I am now much more confident when applying for university and I am also aware of all the options that are available for me to undertake. The progression module is fantastic and completing it not only helps applying for university but also benefits an individual in terms of the academic challenges they may have to face.