The Race and Color Discrimination

Who are the major people that had made a different in the race and color movement? What as society done to improve the way to perceive other people that do not have the same color or race as us? This are all major questions people have in mind when trying to solve Racism affects people lives in many ways depending on race, gender, & class though gender usually goes with sexism. Though there have been many efforts to reduce its power it is still in life.

Today there are still efforts being made and some have been successful such the racial boundaries Barack Obama has crossed despite being biracial and how many people are taking a stand. Racism today seems to affect mainly African Americans as some people are very prejudiced against them such as the Ku Klux Klan whose power may not be as strong as it once was still exists. The other ways that African Americans are affected are stereotypes. There countless even for other races for example me. I have mistaken to be Indian a lot of times and sometimes still am even though I am Bangladeshi.

Some stereotypes for other races would be the Chinese and Japanese they are sometimes expected to be smart, have squinty eyes, and be a workaholic while they may be not. I know someone who is partly Japanese she does not seem to have squinty eyes nor is she a workaholic. Racism also comes to everyone’s’ lives through the way we exposed to it. For example go to some place and then be shut out because of the color of your skin or be cast out because you’re Asian, African-American, or even middle eastern. For now that is all I can say but if you’re not satisfied please leave a message on my bio page and/or improve it yourself in anyways you can.