the remedies for love’s mischances

Powerful Women What would you think of someone who has been married five times, and uses their body as a bargaining tool to get what they want from their husbands? Would you consider that to be trashy and of low morals or smart and powerful? Or would you compare them to the modern day celebrity? The Wife of Bath from “The Canterbury Tales” is an older woman who lived sometime in the middle ages, who loves to argue and be right. Elizabeth Taylor is a stunningly beautiful 1950’s actress who was the type of person that ”got around a lot” and was sexually scandalous.

The Wife of Bath and Elizabeth Taylor relate to each other very closely. The Wife of Bath and Elizabeth Taylor are both women of high class and sophistication. They are also very experienced in the field of love. The Wife of Bath and Elizabeth Taylor were both considered to be very classy women from their time period. In “The Canterbury Tales”, The Wife of Bath is described to be someone of high fashion, wore expensive clothing, and was materialistic. “Her hose were of the finest scarlet red and gartered tight; her shoes were soft and new.

Bold was her face, handsome, and red in hue. A worthy woman all her life” (Chaucer 466 – 469). Even though the Wife of Bath is not seen as being very attractive, the clothing she wore and her attitude towards people makes her seem like a woman of high class. In comparison, Elizabeth Taylor was famous and known for being astonishingly beautiful. “Early on, scouts were riveted by the astonishingly lovely child with violet eyes and a sultry, almost adult, beauty. ” (Rosen). Taylor, being a famous actress, could afford to wear name brand clothing.

Taylor was also very well mannered and the carried herself with high class. Furthermore, the Wife of Bath is known to be the “experienced” expert on love and sex. During her prologue, she insists on arguing with the pardoner and proves her point until she wins. She “knew the remedies for love’s mischances, an art in which she knew the oldest dances. ” (Chaucer 485 -486). The Wife of Bath, being married five different times, asserts herself to be the know-it-all expert on love. Elizabeth Taylor was also very experienced in the field of love.

Taylor was married eight times to seven people. “The melodrama of Taylor’s life includes … 8 marriages to 7 different men, 4 children, widowhood, affairs…” (Rosen). During the course of her life, Taylor had numerous affairs and scandals. Constantly being watched by the public, nothing she did was kept private. In conclusion, The Wife of Bath from “The Canterbury Tales” and the actress, Elizabeth Taylor are very closely related. They both are experienced in the field of love. The Wife has been married five times and believes that she is the expert when it comes to love and marriage.

She loves to argue with the other travelers and prove that she is right. Elizabeth Taylor has been married eight different times, has been involved with multiple affairs and scandals over the course of her life, and has been in the view of the public eye. They also are considered women of high class. The Wife wears only the finest clothing made of the finest materials. The way she carries herself, she almost thinks she is more worthy and more educated than everyone else. Elizabeth Taylor was famous for and known for being one of the most beautiful women in the country.

Since she was an actress, she obviously could afford to wear the most expensive clothing she could find. Overall, the Wife of Bath and Elizabeth Taylor were very similar in a few ways Works Cited Chaucer, Geoffrey. “The Canterbury Tales.