the Roman Empires

Brutus, an honorable man; he would be consider as one of the best rulers for the Roman Empire. A character like Brutus is hard to find specially in a ruler. Brutus has great characteristics as a ruler, he care for the Empire, and he has a powerful public figure. All of this is what make a great ruler for the Roman Empire and Brutus has these important characteristics. Brutus has the best characteristics of a ruler for the Roman Empire. Brutus was best known by being “the noblest of Romans”.

Not just anybody qetz to be known by a certain nickname as Brutus and people call him that because Brutus deserves it. Brutus is a very humble man not like arrogant Caesar. He was a loyal friend but mostly loyal to his Empire. Brutus did what he thot it would be the best for the impire because the conspirators trick him into it, but in hes defend he did what he did for his country hey stood loyal to his Empire no matter what he had to do. Brutus cared for the Roman Empire. Brutus , a supporter of the republic who believes strongly in a gevernment guided by the votes of senators.

Brutus wanted the Roman Empire to stay republic rather than becoming a dictatorship by Caesar, who wuld be the only one who can make any decisions. Brutus truly believed that Caesar’s death will benefit Rome, that shows how much he cared for his country that he will even killed his loved friend Caesar for the Roman Empire; all Brutus did was because he loved his country. Brutus was a powerful public figure, he had a wife named Portia that depended on him but she also encourage him in doing what hes suppost to do. He had many servants waiting for Brutus’s commands for them to follow; Brutus was also the leader of the army.

As anyone can see Brutus was a very powerful public figure; people depended on him, people waited for Brutus’s commands,and he was also a leader. This shows that brutus has the perfect imagine to be the Roman ruler. Brutus, the noblest roman of all time, The best ruler for the Roman Empire. Such an honarable man like Brutus has to be a ruler; he wuld make a great ruler of all time for his great characteristics, his caring for the Empire, and his powerful figure. In my opinion Brutus is the best ruler for the Roman Empire.