The route map of all the destinations covered by Air Asia and Air Asia X

The route map of all the destinations covered by Air Asia and Air Asia X are also shown. Booking services Once the destinations are selected the flight times and the base prices will be displayed AirAsia GoAir Asia Go ensures customers to book flights and the hotel rooms in their preferred destinations at the click of the mouse. AirAsia Credit Cards With the Air Asia credit cards, each customer is entitled for great deals and discounts on selected flights and purchases from Air Asia. AirAsia Insure Air Asia has its own travel insurance, which is Air Asia Insure travel protection.

AirAsia CourierWith Air Asia Courier, the courier rates are 50% lower than the nearest competitor prices. It has two main services, that is Delivery to Door and Airport to Airport services. AirAsia RedTix An online ticket service in which customers can buy tickets for upcoming sporting events, theatre shows, and many more. Air Asia RedTix partners with premier event organizers to bring customers the world of high class performances and entertainments. Red MegastoreA merchandise service from Air Asia in which you can browse and shop for exclusive merchandise from the comforts of your home.

Exclusive Air Asia merchandise, collectibles, exclusive cosmetics and fragrances are available for customers to choose from. AirAsia. cafeThis is an in-flight experience that is specially tailored to cater to the needs of the customers’ needs and expectations. Food and Beverages, AirAsia Merchandise, and in flight entertainment. Figure: 8 Product & Services of Air Asia (Accessed on 25th May 2010) http://www. redmegastore. com/webshaper/store/viewCat. asp 3. 0 Mega Environment Mega environment are the general condition outside an organization. Mega environment have 5 elements.

These are Technological, Economic, Legal Political, Social culture and International. In this particular time our group will be explaining about Technological and Social Culture. 3. 1 Social/Culture Brand culture With the tagline ‘Now everyone can fly’, Air Asia’s philosophy of low fares is aimed to make flying affordable for everyone. Air Asia also aims at making travel easy, convenient and fun for its guests Malaysia is a multiracial country, boasting races of Malays, Chinese, Indians and others. Malaysia’s state religion is Islam, but people are free to choose their religion.

Malay is the official language in Malaysia, as English is also widely used. Fernandes’s management style to build on the basis of culture, creating a strong brand, and using his own unique way. He stressed that the departments are closely linked, and also the importance of distinguishing. He explained in the aviation industry, “The pilots think they are God, and also the engineers as these are very important people. ” Air Asia’s philosophy is: not only affordable flights, but also interesting and fun experience in each flight.