The Sixth Sense

Night Shyamalan uses symbolism in this film to give it a creepy atmosphere. The names of most of the characters are symbolic, they relate to things that are dark and may reflect to the personality of the person. For example, Dr. Malcolm Crowe, his last name is Crowe like a crow, which is the symbol of evil or dark, dead things, and in the end he is dead. Cole’s name is symbolic because of Cole, which is like cold which is what happens when ghosts get angry; Sear his last name is symbolic because it is like the word seer which is a person that is a visionary or someone that can see things that others can’t, like Cole.

Vincent’s name is symbolic because his name is the same as the famous Vincent Van Gogh, a painter that was insane and ended up shooting himself like Vincent Grey; Grey is symbolic because grey is the color of being in between, it’s the color of neither black nor white, being in the middle of two worlds as Vincent Grey was. Lastly, in “The Sixth Sense” M. Night Shyamalan uses motif to explain extreme emotional pain that can be damaging to someone. Red is a big significance in the movie because when something is about to go wrong, the color red appears.

When something frightening is about to happen somewhere on the screen, the color red appears. Another example of motif is the white hair on the back of Vincent and Cole’s head, because some hair on trauma victims goes white. By Shyamalan having Vincent and Cole sharing this feature, it shows a deep connection between them. Using symbolism and motif people are able to figure out the ending of the movie before it ends. Dr. Malcolm Crowe has been dead for the entire movie, and Cole Sear is able to deal with his problems.

Dr. Crowe came to Cole to help him with his problem with being afraid of ghosts, but Cole also helped Dr. Crowe by helping him to move on. When Dr. Crowe spoke to his wife while she was sleeping he was able to figure out that he was dead because he saw his wife’s breath. Works Cited The Sixth Sense. Dir. M. Night Shyamalan. Perf. Bruce Willis, Haley Joel Osment. 1999. DVD. Buena Vista, 1999. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Sixth Sense. 6 Dec. 2006. 9 Dec. 2006.