The unselfishness’ and ‘innocence’

Change and become like children France mentions that it is not necessarily the qualities of a child based on ‘unselfishness’ and ‘innocence’ but rather the position that a child holds in the pecking order’ (p. 27) ofa family which is pretty much at the bottom. It is a good point that he makes, although at the same time he doesn’t mention the part of changing which would result in changes from within to more childlike but instead concentrates on a ‘pecking order’. Humbles like a child v4 (ESV) Wiersbe, raises the point of humility in the way ofa child who is totally dependent and unquestioning. As well as to be humble, we are to think less of ourselves than we ought to’ (p64).

This is an apt way to put it, as how can we truly bring God glory when there is a onstant focus on our own needs and lives, where status has become more important than encouraging others. Contribution In order to be a part of the Kingdom of Heaven it is essential to become new in our thinking with regards to where we fit in and how high we can climb, and stepping on others along the way. But instead, to reach deep within ourselves and focus on the one thing that is responsible for our existence and learning to depend and trust Him with a vulnerable and respectful heart regardless of age, but Just like a child.