The Western Tribes: Indians

The Societies of the West: most arid territory contained wettest, lushest lat plains/ high mountains many people The Western Tribes: Indians- most important western population before white migration most indigineous some forced west of mississippi pattern of civilization developed 300,000 indians lived on pacific coast before arrival of spanish settlers support through fishing, foraging, simple agriculture.

Peublo’s in south west established permanent settlement **plains indians** made up of many tribes/ languages farmers less vs. buffalo hunter horse bison/ beffalo provided economy flesh- food; skin- materials, used all parts plains warriors whites biggest foes mid 19th c ioux, arapaho, cheyene, -powerful alliance greatest “tribe” ecological- economic decline vulnerable to disease **indian disadvantages** 1840’s- long term battle; fall economically and industry Hispanic New Mexico: 1840’s.

U. S acquired mexican residents farming/ trading 17th C more recent- cattle/ sheep ranching anglo americans established territory ignoring the 50,000 hipanics worried land would be confiscated 1847 taos indians rebelled killed new gov/ anglo american officials subdues by US army US organized gov in 1850 US broke power of tibes led to hispanic migration 1880’s-90’s railroads ew economic activity nre mexican immigration looking for work got lowest paying least stable jobs Hispanic.