The Zero Effect Objectives

The Zero Effect Objectives * To choose topic for case study – 8th March. * To proposal document 21st March. * To carry out desk research on my chosen topic – (Time & Date) * To undertake all primary research for 17th April * To create a power point presentation by the 8th of May * To have case study report finished by the end of May. Explanation In this report I am going to write about the advantages and positive effects of size zero models in fashion and on the catwalks and truly give them the credit they deserve.

Rationale for Proposal The reason for me choosing and writing about such a controversial topic is because I believe that catwalk models are at the forefront of the fashion industry and are the first to showcase a designer’s creation. I feel that size zero models get a lot of negative press and so do the fashion designers that use zero models in their shows and campaigns. I believe that size zero models should be on every catwalk in the world whether its Prada or Primark simply because you truly get a feel for a garment and you are able to see it in its true glory.

I have very strong views on the size zero community within the fashion industry because they don’t get the true publicity that they deserve and in my opinion there is nothing wrong with being size zero or having size zero on the catwalk because at the end of the day “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”! SQA Units D0JA11 – Introduction to fashion DOJB11 – Fashion Merchandising F57L11 – Media: An Introduction to the Media Industry D0XS12 – Marketing Research Practice F3GB12 – Communications FT8V12 – Branding: An Introduction