Thee Security Deposit

Rent will be $1,200, and he wants it no later than the first day of the month. He will only accept cashier’s checks, cash, or money orders for payment. The checks should be payable to him, and mailed to 175 Hollywood Avenue, Cherry Hills, New Jersey 08034. He needs the first month rent before Carrie moves in. If she pays rent after the tenth day of the month, she owes an extra $50. Lease term 2) The lease will be for a year starting on January 3, 2009, the move-in date.

If she wants to renew It, Ross needs notice mailed to him In New Jersey, 30 days before the lease ends. Renewal is not automatic. Security Deposit 3) Renter needs to pay a $1 ,800 security deposit before he/she can move into the apartment. It will be refunded. But if he/she owes past-due rent, terminates the lease early. has unpaid utilities after leaving. or damages the apartment and It needs to be fixed, he/she cant get her money back.

Important: Make sure that you conspicuously ndicate to renter that he/she must give me a forwarding address in writing to send her deposit within 4 days after he/she moves. No Businesses 4) The apartment Is strictly for living. no businesses allowed. Subleasing and Assigning 5) No subleasing or assigning the lease is allowed. Maintenance 6) Renter has to do ordinary routine maintenance Ilke replacing the outside light bulbs, taking out the trash, mowing the lawn, trimming the hedges, and removing weeds.

But this list is not inclusive, there could be more things added. Pets 7) No pets, unless Landlord says in writing. Parking 8) Renter has to park her car in her spot and the guests need to park in the Guest 9) No overnight guests for longer than 7 consecutive days unless Ross agrees in writing. If more people move in, they need to be on the lease. Agreement 10) This is the only agreement that has been made, and it’s final. 1 1) No other agreements have been made and no changes can be made to the agreement unless Landlord and Renter both agree in writing.