TheNuclear energy

Nuclear energy usually means the part of the energy of an atomic nucleus, which can be released by fusion or fission or radioactive decay. Nuclear energy may also relate to nuclear power, the use of sustained nuclear fission to generate heat or electricity. The idea of an atom began with the Greek philosopher Democritus, who claimed all matter consisted of little tiny particles. He called them ”atomos,” the Greek word for ”invisible.” He couldn’t prove they existed but centuries later other scientists did. That discovery heralded the nuclear power movement, which has been sparking controversy and debate ever since. Honestly from me, I would personally say I feel that Nuclear energy is bad.

Due to the outnumber of cons then there are pros. Nuclear energy only have a few positive facts about itself. Which consist of, lower carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere in power generation. Large power generating capacity able to meet industrial and city needs, and low operating cost. On the other hand, one major con of nuclear energy is making us an target for terrorism. The waste last for about 200 to 500,000 years. Nuclear is a centralized power source requiring large infrastructure, investment, and coordination where decentralized sources (including solar and wind) can be more efficient, less costly, and more resilient. Nuclear energy has long construction time, High known risk in an accident, and other unknown risk. Already the number of cons outnumbers the amount pros.

Including that waivers are required to limit liability of companies in the event of an accident. This means that either no one will be responsible for physical, environmental, or health damages in case of an accident or leakage over time from waste storage, or that the government will ultimately have to the cost of any damages. The legacy of environmental contamination and health cost for miners and mines has been catastrophic. There are no operating “next generation” reactors, such as high temperature breed reactors and particle beam activated reactors, that are reported to produce less waste and have reduced safety concerns. Even if these technologies were ready, they wouldn’t be deployable commercially for another two decades. So this concludes my opinion on, is nuclear energy good or bad. There is a long list of cons, a very short list of pros, and a lot of reasons on why nuclear energy is bad for the environment.