Theory analysis Head & Shoulders products and promotion.

This report based on 4Ps theory analysis Head & Shoulders products and promotion. Firstly, this report will introduce the research and methods BY dujtanooo Teacher: Marc word count:l ,097 Content 1. 1ntroduction-2 2. Methodology-3 3. Results-3 3. 1 Survey results-3 4. Discussion-8 5. Recommendation-10 6. Conclusion-10 7. Reference-12 8. Questioners-13 1 . lntroduction The Procter & Gamble (P & G) was founded in 1837. Procter & Gamble researchers started making a new anti-dandruff shampoo in 1950. Procter & Gamble, 2010) the new anti-dandruff shampoo is Head & Shoulders. Head & Shoulders is an old brand. In 1961 for the first time it entered the US market, but now it is a modern product, because “Head & Shoulders shampoo is a high-tech product, mainly focused on clearing dandruff. The active ingredient is pyrithione zinc, and this ingredient can effectively remove dandruff. “(Head & Shoulders, 2013) Today, the main competition in the UK market brand is Rejoice. McCarthy, Jerome E. (1960) argues that 4Ps which are “product, price, place, and promotion”.

The complete and success marketing need to find the appropriate product, right price, proper and appropriate dissemination channels Promotions eans, the right products and services. (Marks, 2004) Firstly, this report will introduce the research and methods. Second, this report will show the results of the questionnaire. Finally the report will give some recommendation and conclusion. 2. Methodology Firstly, we decided the direction of our research and discussed what information are our report needs.

The making questionnaire is effective survey method. We made 20 questionnaires; there are 1 5 questions each, with randomly selected respondent, and asked for help in completing the questionnaires in Hendon. And also we have ollected information about Head & Shoulders in libraries and website, help us better understand the products, and understand the marketing mix (4Ps) theory. 3. Results Firstly this section will introduce Head & Shoulders product and promotion form the 4Ps theory. Then this section will use Figures to analyze the survey results. . 1 Survey results: Figure 1 Figure 1 focuses on through questionnaires to find out which one is the Head & Shoulders brand competing brands in Head & Shoulders similar products. Although 40% of people think that Head & Shoulders is their favorite of these brands, still there re 20% of the customers who are more inclined to Rejoice. Figure 2 Figure 2 focuses on consumers’ evaluation of the quality of Head ; Shoulders shampoo. Half of consumers believe that Head ; Shoulders shampoo products are good quality.

Figure 3 (Procter ; Gamble. 2013) Figure3 focused on Head ; Shoulders product diversity, Head ; Shoulders according to the different needs of users have designed 16 different types of shampoo. This fgure shows that most customers think that Head ; Shoulders has a variety of types. Figure 4Figure4 focused on people have seen TV commercials Head ; Shoulders. Most people have seen television advertising Head ; Shoulders. Figure 5 Do you know the Head ; Shoulders brand? Figure5 show that 95% of people know that Head ; Shoulders brand.

Figure 6 Figure 7Figure 7 show that 33% of customers think that Head ; Shoulders packaging is not good. 4. Discussion PRODUCT Oliver (1990) argue that the product have seven parts which are variety, quality, design, features, brand name, packaging, service. In this section I focus on variety and quality discussion and analyses. “The most important drivers of Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty are Product Quality. (Hans, Kat, Peder, 2002) this means is that good product quality is very important factor of customer satisfaction.

Therefore have a good quality of products is very important for companies. Figure 2 focuses on Consumers evaluation for Head & Shoulders product quality, only half of the users think that Head & Shoulders products have good quality; in contrast, 30% of users believe that Head & Shoulders product quality is not good. Because different people have different requirements for shampoo, shampoo such as effects, and odors, Head & Shoulders’ design different types of products, in order to eet different customer needs. Therefore, product diversity is very important for corporate image.

In the I-JK market Head & Shoulders according to different customer needs designed 13 different types of shampoo, for example for Customers with dry hair, design has the effect of nourishing hair shampoo. And for hair more oil users designed oil control effect of shampoo, Etc. PROMOTION “Promotion means activities that communicate the merits of the product and persuade target customers to buy it”. (Bergin F, 1995) In “marketing today” book, Oliver argues that the promotion have four parts, These Are Advertising, personal elling Publicity sales promotion (Oliver, G. 1990. In this section I will focus on Advertising and Publicity. First, in advertising aspect, mass medium can make more people to understand the product, Such as television advertising, Figure 4 focuses on people have seen Head & Shoulders TV Advertising, 90% of people have seen, In Figure 5, 95% of people know that Head & Shoulders brand. Therefore Head & Shoulders advertising aspects of the marketing are very good. In Sales promotion aspect, through secondary research, we found that Head & Shoulders often discount sales in supermarkets. Head & Shoulders is also in the 5.

Recommendation According to the survey data and information, Firstly, figure 2 shows that 30% consumers think that Head & Shoulders quality is not good, and Figure 7shows that 33% of the customers think that Product packaging is also not good. Thus, this means that Head & Shoulders need to improve product quality, and also needed to improve packaging or replace the new packaging to attract customers. Secondly, in promotion aspect, Head & Shoulders is fashion brand. The magazine is good way to publicize fashion brand. Figure 6 shows the most customers have not een Head & Shoulders advertisement in magazines.

Thus Head & Shoulders can increase more information about the Head & Shoulders in magazines, This way can get more customers recognize Head & Shoulders. 6. Conclusion: This report based on 4Ps theory, Combine primary and secondary research, discussed and analyzed Head & Shoulders’ product and promotion. Through research and analysis in this report can Know in Product aspect, Head & Shoulders is a very successful, it has advanced technology of anti – dandruff, and have various different types of products. In promotion aspects Head & Shoulders promotion also is uccessful, almost all people know Head & Shoulders brand.

In addition, a small number of people think that Head & Shoulders product quality is not good, especially in the packaging of products; Head & Shoulders should improve product quality. On the other hand, Head & Shoulders can increase more information about the Head & Shoulders in magazines to attract more customers.