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A personal relationship is * One where your personal life, extracurricular activities and social life are involved. * Spending time with a person who is part of my life. * There is an element of choice in a personal relationship. You usually cannot choose who you work with. A working relationship is different, you have * Boundaries Professional codes of conduct * Employer policies and procedures. * Payment * A different approach you would be friendly but you would not share information about your personal life as you would with your friends * You have little or no contact outside of work. It’s strictly professional. 1. 2 – Describe different working relationships in health and social care settings? There are many different working relationships in my work environment. Management and staff – Comply with policies and procedures or agreed ways of working * Support worker ;amp; resident -Maintain a professional duty of care * Support worker ;amp; colleagues – Cooperate with colleagues and treat them with respect * Working relationships with outside agencies (Doctors, Dentists etc. ) -Be professional, Keep clear records to enable on-going medical support * Multi-disciplinary teams – Keep up to date on a regular basis. * Parent, Relatives – Be professional at all times, they are not friends. .

1 – Describe why it is important to adhere to the agreed scope of the job role? * So that I work within the boundary of my job role * That I am not doing things that I am not qualified to do If I didn’t adhere to the agreed scope of my job role * Accidents could happen * Individuals may not be supported appropriately and wouldn’t get a high level of care * Information may not be passed on * Confidential information may be passed on 2. 2 Access full and up to date details of agreed working Know the location and look at the Care plan * Know the location and look at the policies and procedures 2. 3 Implement agreed ways of working * Follow the care plans * Follow the policies and procedures 3. 1 Explain why it is important to work in partnership with others? By working in partnership * People can exchange knowledge and information about an individual *

Everyone is working the same way and doing the same things * The individual has their needs met to a high standard People are able to co-ordinate care efficiently * It ensures that everyone’s focus is on providing the best care and support to the individual * People can provide seamless care rather than each one doing their own thing and duplicating provision or actively interfering in what each other is doing * It’s about co-operating so that the individual gets the best care. 3. 2 Demonstrate ways of working than can help improve partnership working * Effective communication * Accurate reporting Information sharing. * Respecting the views of others 3. 3 Identify skills and approaches needed for resolving conflicts * Negotiation * Mediation * Discussions * Patience * Calm manner 3. 4 Demonstrate how and when to access support and advice about – Partnership working and resolving conflicts For both these issues * I would immediately speak to my line manager * I would follow the policy’s ;amp; procedures for my issue * I would speak to the appropriate designated person regarding my issue