Training and Development on the Employees of the Insurance Sector in Jordan

The focus of all aspects of Human Resource Development is on developing the most superior workforce so that the organization and individual employees can accomplish their work goals in service to customers , All employees want to be valuable and remain competitive in the labour market at all times. This can only be achieved through employee training and development.

Employees will always want to develop career-enhancing skills, which will always lead to employee motivation and retention. There is no doubt that a well-trained and developed staff will be a valuable asset to the company and thereby increasing the chances of his efficiency in discharging his or her duties, so our main focus about the practises of training and development in the insurance sector as it is a very important service sector .

And to study the relationship between training and development with job satisfaction and morale among employees , inter personal relationship and customer satisfaction , employee motivation, efficiencies in processes, financial gain , capacity to adopt new technologies and methods , innovation in strategies and products , employee turnover , company image and productivity. METHODOLOGY:

We are going to examine two of the most well-known companies in Jordan (Arab insurance company and Jordanian insurance company) through a qualitative research , data will be collected through a couple of interviews with some of the employees of the two companies from many managerial levels and by gathering primary information through literature review from recent journal papers and books. GROUP MEMBERS: * Sara khano * Bashar Kafafi * Lama Daas * Eman Khalil * Shireen Shakaa