traumatic experiences

Evaluate United’s response to Dave Carroll’s music video. Did the airline handle the incident well? 3. In general, how should firms prepare for the challenges posed by user-generated content and social media? The “United breaks guitars” video went viral and has had over 7,000,000 views to date. Dave Carroll came up with his protest songs, he said, thinking what Michael Moore would have done, that is, create an instrument able to assemble the angry ones.

A wonderful tool for consumer advocacy is a viral video because as said, chances are you’re not the only one who is upset. After Dave Carroll’s videos, United Airlines was inundated with additional complaints, so it happened that a traumatic experience for one flyer becomes a public relations disaster for United Airlines. United lately responded to Youtube videos, suffering the consequences of a stock price felt of 10%, costing stockholders about $180 million. When social media are involved the best response is the quickest response. United Airlines neglection in reacting caused an out of control media diffusion.

United Airlines major error was not to pay attention to the previous incidents of people using social media to voice their frustration. Companies should understand the power of social media for customer interactions and monitor social media sites as part of their social media customer outreach and marketing efforts. A positive reaction of United would have been to use the incident as a positive PR opportunity to show off how they work positively with customers to solve problems. The lesson for any firms is….