understanding the concepts of algebra

In my personal opinion, Mr. Rizzo would be a book because there are plenty of things that you can learn from him. For example you can learn life lessons, football, volleyball, and wrestling skills, and math skills. Particularly I think the book he would be, would be a “Boys Handbook” type. I say this because Mr. Rizzo is a coach of all boys’ sports, is a good teacher at the things he teaches, and is very smart. Rizzo is a pre-algebra teacher in the Brackman Middle School. My eighth grade year having him as a math teacher helped me understand the concepts of algebra a lot better than I did.

The way he teaches things he shows examples and works hand-in-hand with a student who may need the extra help (one reason why I believe he’s such a great teacher). Also, Mr. Rizzo showed my class a lot of tips, and tricks that can help you work through confusing algebraic equations. I’m very happy that I was able to have Mr. Rizzo as my teacher because a lot of things he had taught me helped carry through my first Algebra 1 course as a freshman. In this book that Mr. Rizzo may be as an inanimate object, someone could learn math skills, tips, or tricks, like what he verbally taught me in the classroom.

Also, Mr. Rizzo is a great athletic coach. He coaches wrestling and football at the middle school level, and varsity volleyball in the Barnegat High school. He had a scholarship for wrestling back in the day, but it was unfortunately taken away after he got into a fight in school and accidentally hit his wrestling coach’s wife in the face as she tried break up the fight that he was in. As a wrestler I know everything I know from Mr. Rizzo. I entered the Brackman Middle School gym my sixth grade year knowing absolutely nothing about wrestling.

From then on I just constantly learned move, after trick, after combination, and more from him. As a football player I was coached by Rizzo for only one season when I was in eighth grade. He was my defensive coach for me and the rest of the linebackers. Not knowing much about the position because I used to play the defensive line in recent years, he taught me a lot of new ways to play, holes to hit, coverage zones, and more. I’ve never played on a volleyball team but what I hear firsthand from players of Rizzo’s, is that he is nothing but a good coach.

Between talking to Rizzo at wrestling, football, or in the classroom, my mind was always being blown by stories he had to tell about what has happened in his life, his family, what he had been through, and more. He changed my outlook on the future and made me realize that if you don’t work hard to succeed you’ll go nowhere in life. From stories of all the jobs he had worked to support himself and his family, different jobs to do, places to end up in life really showed me that you need to work hard to have a good life.

What Rizzo had taught to me over the three years I’d see him on a regular basis, was that whatever you do, you have to put your mind to and give it your all. Also that nothing in life comes easy to you and that you have to work for things. What I learned from him I believe will have a very large and positive impact on my future. In conclusion, if Mr. Derrick Rizzo were to ever become an inanimate object I believe that he would be a book. This book would not be just a regular one, but something can help many people, with many things.

It can definitely increase someone’s math smarts by a lot, by helping explain how to work through big problems, how to graph, simplify, and much more. You can learn a lot of tips and tricks in a lot of sports. Different ways to play defense in football, what holes to hit, who to cover, and what to do. In wrestling you can learn takedowns, pin combinations, escapes, and more; and how to play and do things in volleyball. Also, it can really change the way that people may look at life and think about or approach things. It would not only help and positively benefit people; it will also show why Mr. Rizzo is such an interesting person.