Volcano eruptions are measured using a unit called the VEI

What f I told you that something like the volcano that is thought to have killed all but 15. 000 members of the human population 74,000 years ago is underneath the US. as I speak? “Lucky for all of us humans,” we may have to face another volcano like this soon, since there is a historically destructive one in Yellowstone National Park. The volcano that possibly killed a majority of the human species and the volcano that currently resides In Yellowstone are both a special kind of volcano called d super volcano, which you will be Informed about today.

A super volcano is defined as a volcano capable of spewing more the 1000 km3 of ash, pumice, or lava when it erupts. -according to the US geological survey, Volcano eruptions are measured using a unit called the VEI. To be exact the VEI is used to represent the explosiveness, amount of material ejected, and height of column from a volcano. To be a super volcano, a volcano must have a VEI of 8. A volcano with this much power doesn’t usually look Ilke an average volcano. Instead of a cone shape, the lava In a super volcano resides underneath the earth and the volcano resembles a arge crater with a slight bulge in the center.

This large crater around the center ot the volcano is a caldera. A caldera is a large basin-shaped volcanic depression resulting from the explosion of a center of a volcano. When a super volcano erupts, a few things happern First, a magma pool must form underground. The magma rises to the earth’s crust but cannot break through, causing pressure. When the pressure becomes too great, the crust bursts, allowing the lava to escape. The area where the lava resided becomes the caldera. There are more than 1900 active volcanoes In the world today according to

After erupuons Ilke this In the past, the world has been thrown into a state of global cooling, like the ice-age. This is a volcano with the potential to wipe out a good portion of the human race. However, scientists assure us that we have nothing to worry about. They monitor activity at Yellowstone. and have found no evidence to suggest that there will be another eruption in the near future. Even if Yellowstone did erupt soon, there’s no guarantee that it would be on ‘ Of2 70,000 years ago, according to the US geological Survey.

In summary, a Super volcano is a volcano capable of emitting more the 1000 km3 of ash, pumice, or lava when it erupts, and having a rating higher than VEI 8. A super volcano is characterized by a caldera resulting from past eruptions. The most commonly known super volcano is in Yellowstone National Park, and has had 3 large, significant eruptions in the past 2 million years. One day, it will erupt with the magnitude of past eruptions yet again, and it will be devastating. All we can do is observe the volcano and possibly have a warning when it changes life as we know it.